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  • I didn't know how else to "title" my post.. but anywhere the issue is:

    I'm finally giving in and want to upgrade from C2 to C3

    I want to use PayPal but when I tried to do that it seems as if I can NOT use my PayPal balance

    I live in Zimbabwe and its not easy to get a "Mastercard" that does online payments,

    I was actually hoping to buy 2 years worth of C3 using my PayPal balance but when I choose PayPal

    it asks for me to attach a card to my PayPal account, and wont let me use my PayPal balance.


    PS: Just incase anyone is wondering what made me decide to switch,

    it was the joypad feauture. I don't remember seeing that in C2

    (but then again I haven't used C2 in a while) so maybe I missed it.

    I never thought that adding a joypad to a game could be so easy,

    back in the day all engines made it feel more complex than it needed to be.


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  • For any payment issues, please email with all the details

  • Hi,

    Thank you for the reply.. I managed to email support yesterday (but since it was a Sunday) I'll wait and hear if I'm gonna be able to buy Construct3.

    I'll feel gutted if there are no solutions for me, but I'm holding hope. It would be great to upgrade from C2 to C3.

  • Update: I'm super happy now. Support has helped me and I managed to get my C3 license today!

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