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  • Who has used Patreon?

    It's similar to Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but for someone who is creative and needs support from peoples.

    It means, Patreon is useful to make a campaign for improving games and arts.

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  • I´m not really seeing where the difference to kickstarter and stuff is..

  • Beaverlicious Patreon is a place to pledge monthly/per content item support; not for one specific product, but for whatever the developer pledges to spend their time doing. Could be creating funny videos, making games, drawing comics, & etc.

    I'll sum up the basic principles of each in some random example that comes into my head:

    Kickstarter "Ninja Comic Vol. 1" - Pledge A is $10 in return for the printed collection when it is completed

    Patreon "Ninja Comic" - Pledge A is $1 per comic strip completed in return for some special pledger-only preview perks

    Edit: there's a bit more to the system, of course, but I think you get the picture. Each has its own perks. One is like supporting the creator, and one is like supporting the product.

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