Oz Comic Con

  • The first Comic Con to hit Austraila

    I think the coordinators didn't expect such a massive turnout. The lineup was over 2 hours to get in (but when we got there we were only an hour... the line stacked up hard after we were already in).

    It was a success, with hopefully future events to follow.

    I got my "The Walking Dead" Compendum One, signed by Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon for anyone who watches the show). Got to shake his hand and have a quick chat while he was signing. My first celebrity that I've physically touched :D Sadly I missed the Norman Reedus panel and the preview to the Walking Dead season 3 stuff, thanks to being in the flarking line to get in for so long.

    So anyway there were cosplay girls EVERYWHERE (there were guys too but, meh) and some serious merchandise sales. I wish I had a few thousand dollars spare, but I don't so I had to limit myself to $160 give or take $10. Oh, Lara crofts ass cheeks were a little red and chaffing from her webbing gear (all those straps that hold her, um, guns... for those of you non tactical gear fans) and the Gears of War girl looked like she was literally going to chainsaw someone in half.

    I would post some photos except I didn't really take any because the pace was so jam packed with people you could hardly move let alone get any good shots on my crappy phone camera... so I left that to the pros. If you're interested I'm sure after the weekend there will be some pro blog reports and photos up for grabs around the place.

    So there you have it.... Austrlia's first Comic Con (and hopefully not the last!)


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  • Daryl is a cool character in the TV show.

    There is also a walking dead game in the making, and it looks pretty interesting, not shooting all the way, more cerebral/interaction with the characters, it makes me curious.

    Glad you had a good time peeping lara croft's cheeks. ^^

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