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  • Trying to rephrase this, I'm looking to make a certain game. This game I'm wanting to invest a lot of time into it. Im looking for suggestions on Game Engines and Game Platforms that are worth looking into.

    Im a single developer and i cant do art but i soon will end up looking for artist or paying for art. My game will be for commercial and im not sure how im going to publish the game yet but i am looking to make some what of a profit and possibly get my self out there in the indie scene.

    Im not looking to become rich as indies to not make a lot of money. I'm just wanting to get some experience, with different engines and platforms, Your opinions on engines and game consoles and platforms that i could publish my game on.

    any input? or opinions on what i said or suggestions on how the market a game.

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  • I'm not sure what the point of this really is. Your post was kind of confusing...

  • Right now I'm in the same boat, all I can do is give you some of the information I've collected.

    Q ."Im looking for indie, and ways to make money being indie"

    A . That's a hard question to ansewer, Indie developers make money from their games in many ways. One way is to self publish a game, and sell it with digital distrobution companies like BMTmicro. Another is to release it for sale on a platform like Steam, and soon Desura. Creative ways to earn money for your games. Release your game for free on your website, and use the traffic to your site to generate income from adsense, or adcents(not sure which way it's spelled) Or you could release a game on a website like Adultswim,Newgrounds and at the begining have a small add while the game loads to make money(Limited to Flash games)And the last way is to release your game totally free and include a donate button at the beggining of the game and hope people will donate to you.

    "Many XNA indie games have not done so well in the past with marketing. I made a game with zombies in it profited 112k"

    Yeah and many more games made little to nothing.

    Also you have to pay a premium to make and sell games on XBLA(Pay for XNA, MS takes a % of sales) I don't know if you can sell Iphone/Ipod/Ipad Apps for free or not(Something tells me no). one quote is "you have to pay money to make it"

    stick with what you know and just make fun games, money will follow.

  • I'm not sure what the point of this really is. Your post was kind of confusing...

    Yeah im half out of it... And still going cant sleep so grammar is gone to crap.


    Yeah i know what you are saying. Well another question i got is im thinking of learning new engine that could further open more doors to platforms such as Torque or Unity... Which are very strong right now. Torque has horrible docs though as i soon found out as im trying it out.

    Unity3d is free to indies. It is pretty good and flixel 2d flash library ported to it so i can do 2d pretty easy with it since i have some flixel background.

    Flash is free basically with FlexSDK but the problem is most of it is hit and miss market so you make a game every month and hope it is enough to get by. With me living at home is fine but im looking for more future, skills i learn now that benefit future and flash is not that big with me.


    Im not wanting anyone to get the wrong idea here, I love construct is amazing. And will go far, Im just looking around still while using construct to see other options out there.

  • I too can't understand much from your post but from what I can gather you mean that you want to be an indie and are currently looking for different engines and platforms, isn't it?

    You mentioned torque game engine, i have only one suggestion about it...don't go with it if your are new to programming, the docs that come with it are horrible even its own users curse it for this, this game engine can be really a nightmare, just don't go on the fancy graphics on their website...

    Then Flash, i started making games first with flash and it's a perfect tool for beginning game development , you can also make money from it using in-game ads services like MochiAds, newgrounds Ads API and many other. If your game is really good enough you could get a sponsorship for it from Armor Games which I think really pays well if your game is good.

    To me I don't think it would be going anywhere soon because people like it and they don't have to install some special plugins since flash player is already installed but this is not the case with unity3d etc.

    finally if you want to see a full list of game engines then go to this page

    P.S- if you don't mind learning a language then you can take a look at the following libraries-'Love2D' or '2D Engine' (both use LUA)

  • 1) Ad revenue is dropping for the internet (per person you might say) because there's so many people using it and it will continue to drop from what I know.

    2) If you want 3D, use Unity3D. You'll have to learn some real game programming like C# or Unity's version of Javascript and you'll need to learn how to 3D model and all that. Just don't underestimate the amount of work you'll need to put in.

    3) Indie people don't really make money...most of them don't anyway...

  • Thanks, Unity3d can do 2d, what i have been doing with it. Dont worry about programming, I have experiences with many languages so thats no big deal for me.

    Indies do not make a lot of money i know this. But im living at home 18, I just want some income for car and gas. Housing is paid for and so with everything else. Im jobless but making some money is better then none and doing what i like makes it all the better.

    I have used Love2d, It is really good, worked on some network examples from it, and i used 2d engine some and i liked it.

    Yes the ad Revenue is going down but people still use it, and there are alternatives look at Mochi Ads right now, they are doing a Developers Fund that will fund your project 1k - 100k if you plan on using Mochi Coins (Microtransations), you just need to submit your game idea and any progress thus far to them and they will see if they can help you out cause they benefit a lot from you using there system.

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