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  • Hi Lu.

    Just wondering how you're going with the whole Android resolution thing.

    I'm not sure how far into your project you are, but I've now got a lot of work done on my Android project, and I'm about to tackle the problem of different resolutions on different phones (I know I should have factored this in from the start, but I was aware of it, and knew at what point I'd have to sort it out).

    I know that Android has provided plenty of scope for the developer to sort this out, but before I get into it, I was wondering what sort of approach you took.

    For instance, did you use the HVGA size as your base resolution, seeing as it's middle size screen and the middle density, and then create extra artwork and layouts for both the smaller and larger phones, or did you use a different method?

    Any advice very welcome, as it will probably save me considerable time.



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  • oh hey, I stopped the android thing when I started making that contest project and I realized I could make a truly high quality pc project, but I believe what I was doing was using the larger images only, and then shrinking it to screensize , designing it for Motorola Droid screen, and allowing the other phones to widen or shorten the sides (it was a landscape game). they have that special resolution independent pixel, that's the same size on any screen, but I wasn't using that because I hadn't gotten to the UI yet, and I'd rather the game characters be tiny on small screens, than have the player have less play space

    if you need more specifics I'll fire up eclipse and see if I can find the old files

    also, if you have any trouble with specifics, like getting accelerometer, or touch values, or simulating imagepoints, and I do find my eclipse files, I'll be happy to help with any questions.

    it's been a month or so though, so I'm a little rusty

  • Shame you stopped working on your Android game.

    I'm working on both the PC version and the Android version, and with the PC version being a couple of months ahead of the Android version, I have all the graphics I need for the smaller version, even though they need resizing.

    I'm really enjoying the process, although I know that screen resolution on Android is a subject I'm going to have to take time out to read about thoroughly, and get it right.

    Thanks for the offer of help.

    If I hit a brick wall at any time, I'll be sure to yell.



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