OMG! this game scared me!

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    no, i wasn't scared by the game itself but my current project has the same basic idea and the thought of others thinking that i'd copied this game scared me. however, my ideas for gameplay are significantly different so that's a big relief but as it stands, the principal ideas are the same which still scares me a bit!

    i'm not really going to divulge my game concept at the moment but the game that the above link will take you to will provide you with a good idea of what could be expected. i will look for assistance at a later time when the design documentation begins to reach completion.

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  • Haha dont worry there were a lot games i saw about "Two Castles" that want to destroy each one , with soldiers and stuff. And the first game like this i saw on Warcraft III custom map.

  • There are a LOT of games just like that. Ranging from just selecting units (like the one exampled) to playing a puzzle game to build units (Siege).

    Can't really worry yourself with similarities. How many FPS games are released every year? And yet they ALL make a profit ... some breaking records ...

  • Now mentioning sport games . How many soccer games there are?

    -Sensible Soccer


    -Pro Evolution Soccer

    -Football Manager

    Original games are hard to find these days

  • Aye. Sports games are another good example. I used FPS simply because there were sports games before there were FPS.

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