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  • Is anyone on this site old enough to have played games from the Apple II, Atari, and Commodore 64 era?

    If so, have you considered getting ideas and inspiration from these games, especially the early EA games?

  • Yes and yes.

    You can see a lot of "oldies but goldies" inspired arcade games in Scirra's arcade.

    You can also catch up on threads on the topic in the "Game design" forum.

    You can also see in the "Introduce yourself" post how some people are even older than Apple II.

  • That's great. Anyone remember "Seven Cities of Gold"?

  • I'm an 80's kid, old enough to remember life without the internet. My first computer was a spectrum, followed by a commodore, then amiga.

    Some of my fondest game memories come from the Sega megadrive though.

  • Steve: Yeah I remember that cartoon. Especially the French opening song since it made some kind of revival a few years ago.

  • Yes. Commodore 64.

    And yes!

  • Yep, my first console was an Atari 2600. :) It's been a lot of fun watching games evolve over the years.

  • I still remember how half the neighboorhood children gathered at a friends house who had just gotten an Atari just to watch and take turns playing Pong. Haha we probably finished their months supply of snacks in 2 days <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • My first own computer was C64 and the first console was Mattel Intellivision. I also have AppleII and Amiga 1000 at store, not used any of those for a long time.

    On appleII, the most remarkable games were Lode Runner and Castle Wolfenstein's (not the 3D crap, but original 2d). On mattel there were Treasure of tarmin, Snafu and some others.

    C64 had first Design your own games (Adwenture construction set, racing car destruction set) and of course EA classics like M.U.L.E. and Archon, not forgetting classics like Elite, Zork and Ultima.

    (there were too many good games to Amiga to mention them all)

    Back Then.. EA (or EOA as it was) was the mark of inovation, nowdays they just push sameold sportsgames-

  • Earliest machine I remember having was an Atari 2600 but over the years I've had loads; spectrum ZX 128k, master system, mega drive, mega CD, game gear, gameboy, NES, SNES, N64, xbox - 486 DX-2 66 :)

  • Writing more.

    I got C64 in late 80's. Yes it was basically at the end of C64's "life". I was so happy, I wanted to have it so much.

    Then after that I got the nintendo's.. NES, Gameboy, SNES, N64, GBA, GC, and last: Wii.

    Not playing much anymore, though. Lack of time, and also I think the games are not as fun anymore. I loved the era of SNES, big gigantic games that were so well made. Hey, Super Mario World and Zelda: A Link to Past. But also the NES era, Zelda series, Mario series. I could sit and play for hours and hours.

    But also C64 time, I played for hours too but the games were frustrating so we gave up a little quicker ;) Also being younger, more subjective to parents rules. Bubble Bobble, Giana Sisters, Boulder Dash, many many more.. Turbo tapes... (along with some real games too of course)

    I wanted disk but never got it, it was expensive after all, not rich parents.

    I also dabbled in basic at that time. No one else in my friend circle did that. But not much anyway, I did not understand much, I only typed to see what result I got. :D Yes I did understand some but not much. It was at later stage I started to understand. (I used Visual Basic a lot back in mid-end of 90's to start of 2000's and made a number of software)

    We got our first PC in -93 that was 486 sx 33 and I basically claimed it. ;)

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  • sx 33 wasn't that pre Windows 3.1?! :D

  • I thought my pseudonym would have been a bit of a give away ! <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Started with a ZX81 ,spectrum 48K, acorn electron ,Atari ST, Amiga and then onto PCs with a 486 (also sx33 (I think) with windows 3.1 (Came on 4 floppy disks ?)

    One games that stands out in my memory from each ?

    3d Monster Maze on zx81 (you should you tube it - but it'll scare you

    Manic miner on specy.

    Elite on electron (best game ever - I lost weeks in that!)

    Wizball (amiga ?) and dungeon master (atari ?)

    First PC game I can remember was Battle Chess.

  • My first console was an Atari 2600

    First computer a spectrum +

    Followed by a spectrum +2 then Amiga 500

    ram pack wobble

    I remember 3d monster Maze also played mazogs a lot on a friends zx81

    Used to love turmoil on the speccy

    My first game I am working on is a jetpac clone

  • C64. I dread to think how much of my life I wasted playing Elite and Revenge Of The Mutant Camels!!

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