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  • So, I'm a newbie, but I checked in at 11:30 PM today, and because of the time difference, I'd already lost my 16 consecutive days.

    Boo hoo!

    What's the worst you've lost?

  • i log in every 3-4 hours on my mobile, and if I sleep, a short break of 8 hours and then I check it again when I wake up. Haven't lost it yet. I'm ahead 7 hours, so I can check it every night and it'd be like checking in for my next day.

  • That's about what I try to do: I have it bookmarked on mobile, and it's one of my Chrome hometabs. I even used my comp for most of the day, but between dealing with our cute but demanding newborn and studying for my Network+ cert (which I passed!) today, I didn't get around to refreshing the tab until this evening. D'oh!

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  • I can't stop wondering whats going on here without me, so I tend to get annoyed with myself if I don't check back frequently enough, let alone 24 hours!

  • I lost a ~90 days streak once because I was gone the whole week-end and couldn't check/connect to the forums.

  • I understand! I'm actually trying so hard to pace my reading of the manual and not get swept away, because with the cert done, I need to finish my last couple classes and THEN, in late Fall . . . it's obsession time. =)

    By then I'll have tinkered around enough with C2 between school and work, finished reading the manual, read and followed numerous tutorials, identified key plugins, and we're off! Apart from family, there's nothing I'd rather be doing than turning game ideas into reality. This will mark the end of schooling for schooling's sake.

    Heck, I spent two hours tonight talking with a friend who's a dev on a FB game, Realm of Empires, working out game mechanics for my nascent C2 project, while trying to let wife/baby sleep. Can't help it!

  • Kyatric Ouch!! Almost worth giving someone your pw just to make those last ten days . . .

  • Lol, no !

    <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    At least, not when your account has moderator privileges.

    I already had the 100 days badge, so it wasn't a big deal anyway.

    A bit annoying, but "it's not the end of the world".

  • Ha, true! No one wants Weapons of Moderator Destruction proliferated.

  • You never know when this moderator abuse could happen. I have a suspicion, in fact that DISREGARD THIS I'M AN IDIOT

  • Back up to 16 days again! Onward and upward. =)

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