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  • Hi

    So far I'm impressed with Construct 2 and HTML5.

  • Hi my name is osias, And my code name is BullzEye. I started to play video games when I was like 4 years old when my dad bought us a video game console. then I received my Gameboy advance sp and I got more addicted to video games. when I was in school, I made a pen-and-paper RPG game that me and my friends play. In that time I thought that I could be a Game developer someday. So I could share my ideas and imagination to the world.

    Today I'am very dedicated and passionate to be a game designer. I study making games in advance before going to college and take a game development course. I am planning to release a game and receive donations in Kickstarter so I could buy a construct 2 license and sell my game.

    BTW,I'am using Unity3d before and tried to make a 2d game but its seems very hard to make a 2d game in a 3d game engine.I found construct 2 and I try it a like last week and I'am now on starting to make a prototype of my game. I love the engine and all its feature. the community and often updates is also awesome. I'am hoping to see more great features coming for the construct 2 and goodluck for scirra. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle"> <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Hi to all.

    I'm Stefano, 22 years old from Italy.

    I've started with Construct2 two weeks ago; i think it's very cool for projecting games and now I want to learn advanced features from your knowledge (and share mine if i can).

    Stay rock!

  • Hi

    I'm very much an amateur although I have created some simple games in the past.

    I was introduced to Construct 2 about three weeks when it was featured in PC Format magazine and since then I've managed to create a few prototype games. Unfortunately, I lack skills in art and level design but I hope to eventually get my games looking good enough to let people outside my immediate family see them.

    I'm still using the free edition but I think this software deserves support so I'm likely to buy a licence soon.

  • Hello to everyone. My name is Antonio from Macedonia and i am 18 years old. I have some more-less basic knowledge about Pascal/Delphi. Last year i tried out to make map for Warcraft 3 with Map Maker (very similar to C2), almost finished all events but i stuck at unit design, so the map was never finished.

    Few days ago i found out about C2 from some banner at some game site. Installed it and finished the basic Ghost Shooter tutorial. I have been reading tutorials so i think now i am almost set for my first project. I don't know that much, but i learn as i make the game... that is the way i always study something.

    For now i am sticking with the free edition, i have to wait a while to see if it is worth it for me to buy the license, since $79 is about the half of the average salary here.

  • My name's Roger and I have been a professional 3D animator for the past sixteen years. I write creatively and have won playwriting awards.

    I am now learning Construct and JavaScript so I can program my own game designs.

  • My name is Robert,

    I'm a Game Developer Student, well actually I've finished my studies and now I'm working in a project and get some experience in professional game development.

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  • can i make a game now

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  • Hey Scirra-Team my name is Raul, Iam a Student from Spain and I wanted to tell you "your work is amazing!" Love the Product and the Community seems really nice!

  • Hello all, I'm Chris! I'm 30 years old, married, 2 kids, and have been doing web development since 1994 (professionally since 2001). I'm also really big into gaming, just about every genre. My favorites are RPG/MMORPG, FPS, Sandbox, RTS/TBS, simulation, platformers, fighting games, puzzles, and everything else from casual to hardcore. I think that about covers the entire scope of gaming lol.

    I'm also attending Full Sail U for Web Design & Development, just for the sole purpose of getting that piece of paper under my belt that says I can do my job lol. Who knows, might learn a thing or two along the way as well.

    LOVING Construct 2, and I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do with it!

    To everyone out there already using Construct, good luck, have fun, and can't wait to play your games! :D

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  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm a university professor from Little Rock, Arkansas whose doing research in Cambridge (UK) at the moment. I teach interactive and game design, new media, and digital communication.

    Just want to say I'm loving Construct 2! This is the best tool I've ever used in terms of letting me spend my time designing rather than fighting syntax or looking things up in API reference docs. It reminds me of my first time working with Rails, only even more so.

    Fantastic work.


  • That's all true Professor! and Welcome.

  • Welcome everyone! It's great to see such a mix of people.

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