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  • Hey!

    I'm currently learning Computer Game Design through my University and one of the courses that i'm taking is teaching us Construct 2! I'm really loving this program and it's truly amazing what it can do! I hope to learn more about this awesome program and see what I can come up with

  • Hi, I'm Alternative Kitten but please call me Kitt.

    I'm just starting to get into game design so please take care of me! ^-^

  • I am Karin working in an IT company as a developer very aware coding languages like PHP, JAVA, .NET, HTML etc.. I love to play games and looking to develop my own gaming platform. Specially card games like rummy are favorites, I know how to play rummy and my knowledge let me win the prises.

  • Como que se ganha algo aqui ?

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  • new here

  • Hi I'm Alara Plaskon and I'm 10. What I have wanted to do my whole life is to make games. What I want to do with my games is I want to make them look real. I like animals a lot so most likely I'll be making animal games

  • Hi Im kolby

  • Hello! I'm a former lawyer turned into school teacher. Yeah. It's crazy. I still can't believe it. But well, sometimes our destiny has pretty weird ways to twist our way of life. I want to learn how to implement videogames in modern teaching. I'm not going to rest until i can achieve that goal -or die trying to achieve it.

    And I'm an amateur independent videogame developer from Baja, MX. One of my best friends (JMC) and I just started a micro studio (ChoyaSoft) and our goal is to one day make great games. I enjoy a lot to learn new things and put on practice the knowledge acquired.

    I know this is a never ending journey so let's be friends and walk together to reach out our goals.

  • My name is Olagoke Ayodeji.

    New to Game programming and this is my first game.

    I am really happy to publish this but I still have a long way to go.

    Born 2002.

  • Hey hey

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  • I have been interested in games my whole life and wanted to see what it's like to make one. I decided a mobile game would be cool to make, So here I am

  • My name is Mochammad Rizky Asyhari

    I am live in Indonesian Country.

    I want to be a Professional Game Progammer.

    Thank for time

  • taotwins are new with Construct 2.

  • I tried MMF 2.5 but it's just a bit complicated at the beginning. Hard to interface and hard in exporting ! Lots of issues happen when exporting. But Construct 2 got in my way and it beat it. So easy and there wouldn't be any game maker as easy as construct 2 !

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