The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello,

    New to this and thought this might help me get started in creating fun games.

  • Hi, my nickname is Enrraim. I'm trying to do some games, I have already done a simple one in unity, but it had a lot of bugs, I made some sprites to a character and I'm trying to make this one work in a game.

    I have a lot of ideias to games and I'm trying to find people to help me to achieve this.

    If you want someone to do someone in pixelart I can show you some of my works.

  • I am from Clarksville ,TN and i just wanted to make games for fun.

  • i'm Adam and i started playing video games when i was 6 and got my first computer when i was 5.

    Anyways i started coding 3 years ago and until now i have learnt HTML CSS C++ JAVA And JAVAScript

    and thats how i got my interest in making games which i just started few months ago and i just

    released my game ... sters-8859 that's the link

    anyways, i guess that's all i can say about myself

    if you guys want to contact me and you know, play anything please contact me however you want

  • Hello! I just recently got the free edition of Construct 2 and have so many questions already! I plan on spending a lot of time on the help board, so you will probably see me a lot there

  • Hi, my name is Ishmael, I am from Nantucket. I love whaling and fishing trips. The sea cheers me up when I am depressed.

  • Super n00b here.

  • Hello, I'm Rodney I love to design and build websites. Now I'm learning game programing.

  • Hello guys! I'm Jazzy and I am a noob on this software. I'm from southern California and I got on here not only to learn about Construct 2 but to see if anyone would like to make a team with me, make video games and turn it into a business. I am also a hardcore gamer and an author as well as a student! Feel free to contact me if you want to chat, play PS4 (since I have one) or anything else! I love meeting new people!

  • I'm Chaott, I've been using Construct 2 for awhile now, I think more than a year?

    I first got Construct 2 because there weren't many online co-op games - nothing I could play with my overseas friends. I thought, instead of complaining about the lack of co-op games, why not make my own?

    I can happily say that I've actually made a few now, none of them are being sold or anything, I've just been making them for my friends and I to mess with. They've all really enjoyed them, probably not as much as I have enjoyed learning and making them though, haha.

    My last co-op game was recieved really well by my friends, and they told me I should work on actually selling it, so I've been polishing it and making sure there's no bugs before I sell it.

    I'm also working on a single player mode, for those that don't have the luxury of a steady internet connection.

    I'd like to sell games that are cheap and affordable, for people like me who can't afford games that are even over $20. Hopefully people like this game!

    Anyway that's all there is to tell you about me I guess, hope you enjoy making games like I do

  • Hi!

    I'm Damyan, but usually go by "dastmo". I'm a hobbyist programmer, work in the IT sector (display ad monetization, actually) and strive to become world's top entertainer (mostly through books, but video games work too). Oh, I also play bass.

    Since I'm an avid gamer, I've had a few tries to developing my own games. I was introduced to Construct 2 by Steam and I was hooked the moment I tried it. It's very simple to use, yet extremely powerful. I'm loving the engine so far!

  • Hi, I'm Acesurfer

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  • Greetings all!

    I am ODIronE. I work in the Network Engineering of a bigger ISP.

    I'm not sure what I'll do with Construct2, so...



  • Hey, I have used your software before and I love it!!!!

  • Hi

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