The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello, I just got into Construct and it seems fun.

    Glad to be here!

  • Hello,

    I am so much glad to join this forum and curious to learn and making new friends here.

  • Hi all !!

    I'm new to construct 2. Previously (many years ago) dabbled in 6502 assembly (c64), 68000 (amiga), and on pc blitz basic, dark basic (+pro), ethos basic, play basic etc. Used to write game music on c64, Amiga, and pc. Had several musics used in commercial software over the years and had my fair share used in freeware titles and remakes. Haven't done any coding (or music) for many years. Hoping to reignite my creativity with construct 2 and eventually buy a licence.



    Doncaster, UK

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  • Hi all, Starting with Construct2 today. Previously I have been making games strictly in Unity3d. Hopefully construct2 will be faster to develop 2d games in.

  • Hello World <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hello Scirra

  • Hi, I'm georgeboole.

    Nice to meet you.

    I love learning. Any and

    all help is always



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  • I hate people I am 17 yrs old

  • Hi all, I'm Dave, I do 2d and 3d art, music, voice overs/character acting for indie games. I don't do retro 2d work (you can see some of my work on my indie creative media website in the gallery section), but I just discovered Construct and went through one of the online tutorials. I liked it and I thought that I might like to see what I can do with it.

  • G'day all, spouse I should introduce myself.

    I got. Personal licence for C2 about 6 months ago and quicker than I thought made my first game which was posted in that arcade some time ago.

    My work recently decided to make me redundant, which will take effect in about 6 months, so I've decided to get a bit more involved in C2 than I have been lately,, to see if with some luck I might be-able to amongst other ideas I have...

    Make some coin making a few games.

    I live in Australia, am an old bugger but I'm pretty got at graphics.

    So hi to everyone, please take it easy on me when I ask stupid questions.....I do search a lot before asking them



  • Hi, everyone.


    • am from Brazil.
    • am a programmer. Work a lot with Javascript in my job.
    • have a C2 Personal Licence.
    • just upload my first work in the Arcade (PencilMan Is Going Home).
    • am working in a big project (using C2 of course).


  • Hello all, I am Matt and I started learning how to make videogames (a passion of mine) with the aim to make an endless runner (also, my favorite genre).

    First I started with GameMaker, good program but a but outdated, then I found GameSalad and went with it for a while also trying other engines (it had too many limitations) until Construct 2 came in.

    Its really user friendly and forums looks nice full of poeple willing to help. And Im learning with it now and want to be around first being helped (no way I can teach others at this point) and then help back :)

  • Hi there!

    I have been around for few months now and decided to try C2 out for my children book app.

    I have been playing computer games all my life (well from around age 6) with the first DOS games like Suppalex and Digger. Nintendo games followed and soon some more serious PC games. But one of my faves is a Tolkien themed MUD game named MUME MUME. I tried also different MMOs: LOTRO, Rift, Tera and WOW. I really like Ubisoft's browser games and their graphics.

    I'm a good graphics maniac. I mean - the game has to look good for me to play it or have no graphics at all ;) . As a graphics designer, webmistress and a mom, I set my goals to build a beautiful looking and functional storybook for kids in Estonia. You can read more about the project from my blog: Hope to meet you there!

  • Hi guys! Feyninja here!

    I Have been a hobbyist comic artist for a long time. I come to make some great games, and wanna play your great games too.


  • I am Robert Cohn. I work for Intel on XDK, a tool for developing cross platform apps with HTML5. It can be used by construct2 users to package for iOS, Android, ....

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