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  • Hello! My name is Jonathan! I am a 15 (turning 16) years old guy who enjoys to develope games and new stuff for people to enjoy! I used to be a video editor. I've developed one simple block game but im thinking about to add some more features to it and make a longer with more levels!

    If you want to contact me so here you got some contact details:


    skype: jojje212




  • Hello, my names is Nicolas, i'm French !

    I'm starting to develop game all alone !

    My goal is to make Android and IOS game.

    I make some scene with construct to see how the scene will be !

    I'll at first make my game in French , but if there is enought request, i'll make it in english .

    You can like my page at

    Or on google+

    Or my blog

    You can also send my some email at !

    Thank you

  • Gisli here, Icland. Geek, thats all.

  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Mike and I'm a gameaholic.

    I'm developing a strategy game for ipad using C2.

    I've had several game ideas going around in my head and on scraps of paper for years, and now I've committed to turning one of these into an actual game. This is my process:

    Great idea -> build it -> try and figure out why it didn't work

    I chose C2 because it's user friendli-er than other software and the community is very helpful (I've read a lot of tutorials and Q&As on the forums already). I hope you guys will help me out with stuff I can't get to work!



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  • Howdy folks, Name is Dylan. I'm a .Net developer and was interested in C2 when I saw it flash by on steam not long ago. Last night in a .Net user group meeting the presenter talked highly of c2 so I decided to give it a go. Great software.

    I have done XNA programming and had a nice start to a simple mmo using SignalR as backend, but it was sooo time consuming for 1 guy I just gave up, this really speeds up the process, and allows exporting to html 5... that is soo great. Good luck to everyone and feel free to drop me a line.

  • Hello <font color=blue>Scirra Community</font>, my name's Davven. I always wanted to make my own games and Construct 2 has made this possible the easiest way imaginable. I have no idea how I found about Construct, maybe it found me instead. Can't wait to play your games and share mine :)

    (Sorry for my English, it's not my first language xD)

  • Hey guys! I'm a new game creator, and am currently working on a test project for a game.

  • Hi, I'm Norman and my interest in video games dates back to the mid-80s. But before last week I haven't been into game developement at all. Then I discovered Construct 2!

    Now I'm working on my first game called "Cyborg Avenger". It will be a metroidvania-style game with nice blocky retro-graphics and sound :) .

    So far I have created a test level with a few simple animated sprites just to learn how to do stuff. This is where I am so far:

  • Hi,

    I am Cristian David-Matei and I am from Romania.

    I like playing and creating games. I love the Construct 2 editor and this community.

    Glad to meet you,

    Cristian David-Matei

  • Fico feliz em participar desta comunidade de constru��o de jogos.

  • Hi all I am Joshua Minger, I am 22 years old and live in the United States. I love gaming and making games. I am engaged with two kids. I love also to cook and hang with the family. I hope to me many new people with likewise dedication to games as me.

  • Hello, my name is Andrew. I'm web application developer who has finally decided to take the plunge into game development. I've always loved gaming and have a lot of ideas I'd love to make a reality. So far I'm extremely impressed with Construct2 and immediately bought a license. I look forward to learning game development using this fantastic tool.

  • Hi I am Megan and I would like to make awesome games for you! <img src="smileys/smiley30.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • hello

  • Hey there, im matty. Im a hobby gamer so i found construct 2 on Steam.

    Now i wanna make my favourite games with new stuff like addons :D

    and new storys...

    Im actually creating my own facebooksite where u can find videos and demos about my games.

    About me ? Im just a Hobbyist.

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