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  • With my blog having its second post with meaningful content now, it is probably better to give it its own topic now, instead of making a new topic for each post. I'll post here each time I make a new post, and update the first post with it.

    About Intro Stage:

    Intro Stage is a blog written by an aspiring game designer, for aspiring game designers. With it, I intend to explore the elements of the vast discipline of game design and help both myself and others understand them better. Hopefully, I can serve as a sort of intro stage for your own endeavors in this fascinating world, providing you with the knowledge you need to succeed.

    Main Page

    Newest Post: Gameplay Versus Graphics

    Inspired by the now infamous "game-play or looks" topic, I delve into the subject of visual content in a game and how its importance is commonly underrated.

    P.S. - Now that I think about it, since my blog deals with game design, perhaps this topic would be better in General Game Design. If someone with the powers agrees with this, please move it. If you think it is better here in Open Topic, just say so. I'm kind of having my doubts, and the opinion of someone more familiar with the forum structure would be greatly appreciated.

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