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  • Здравствуйте дамы и господа.

    Я хочу создать свою игру жанра (РПГ) браузерка.Это что то на подобии игры "варвары" "битва титанов" "наемники" .Но я ни знаю можно ли через в construct 2 создать такое творение? Мы с друзьями проект заготавливаем,а с программой для создания определиться не можем.Пробовал через конструктор ММО,но он закрыт и наверно больше и не откроется. Ява Языком я не владею,так что скрипты самостоятельно написать не получиться.Подскажите как мне быть.


    Hello ladies and gentlemen.

    I want to create my game genre (RPG) brauzerka.Eto something on the similarity of the game "barbarians," "Clash of the Titans," "mercenaries" .But I never know whether it is possible to construct by 2 to create such a creature? My friends and harvests the project, and the program did not decide to create the constructor mozhem.Proboval MMO, but it is closed, and probably longer, and will not open. Java language I do not speak, so do not write their own scripts poluchitsya.Podskazhite like me to be.

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  • This is english speaking forum, so please stick to the english language only or at least provide a translation of your post.

  • Indeed, this is an English speaking forum, and I'm afraid that a google translation in that case isn't really cutting it.

    I'm not too sure what your question really is.

    It seems you are willing to make a RPG-like game and are asking if Construct 2 could help you do it.

    C2 can allow you to do pretty much any 2D type of games. But you will need to get used to C2 and its way of working first.

    Download the free edition and try out your hands at it.

    If you find yourself building quite easily what you want, then that should answer your question.

    Also, if you can only speak Russian, it's likely you should try to get in touch with the Russian community (from the Non-English Community page/topic) to have your question answered in further depth and possibly getting help in your own language.

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