Odd Request: I want your playlists!

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  • I'm working on a program that uses lists of files for mass-copy/move. (Like completely moving a 1000 file long iTunes playlists to another hard drive.)

    Its coming along nicely, I've got it reading from the iTunes xml, m3u, and a straight text file, able to copy move or delete.

    I want to add support for as many common playlist types as I can get, so I'm hoping some folks will donate their lists.

    In particular I need an iTunes list from Vista.

    The ones I have to test on are all from XP and they seem to only use the full file location. I don't know if Vista's will do that or use /users/Name/Something. The m3u lists use that with Vista and work fine but I need to know if iTunes will as well because of my current string parsing.

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