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  • Its 4:36 am and Im still here messing with construct with an obsessive desire to create a great platform game. Im such a noob at all this but I want to make a game so badly...Just one good game and I will be satisfied. Im struggling because Im no programmer/designer/creator. But I have what many people lack and thats motivation. *sigh* I need sleep lol. Why did I start this thread anyways?

  • Hehe. The key to turning motivation into a game is to sit down, and logically plan the game. The theme, genre, gameplay, everything. Then the motivation can be applied to each step and you can make something.

  • Being someone who knows pretty much nothing about making games myself, I find my motivation comes from thinking of the kinds of things I want to have in a game, and then just jumping into Construct and having a think and trying out things until I can get my idea to work.

    That's the best thing I've discovered about Construct so far - it allows you to get right in without any real knowledge at all, and in a short time you're able to produce something. Nothing motivates more than the satisfaction of finally doing something or being given something. That's why games like World of Warcraft are so addicting - you're constantly rewarded and made to feel good every step you take in the game.

    If you're on a similar level as I am, pick something you want to implement and work it out - you'd be surprised how easy and satisfying that can be.

  • Thats a great idea! I have a few things I wanted to try. I have a shooting platform game in mind and 2 of the main weapons I know I want to use will be similar to the lancer and hammer burst in Gears of War 2. Last nite I created a simple square pacman looking player thing (now name "Dude") who can walk and jump and shoots bullets. I made the shooting function kinda like the hammer burst where if you hold left click it shoots normally but if you clicked and double clicked really fast you could shoot faster. I even changed the accuracy a lil bit so it didnt shoot perfectly straight when left click is held and if you rapidly tap click it would be even less accurate (recoil? lol). These may be very easy things to do for some people but since yesterday is officially day one of construct for me I thought it was very satisfying to see something I thought of actually in motion. Rite now Im just using simple shapes to test out my ideas and when I figure out how to do all of them I'll get to work on creating sprites to put everything together. I cant wait to have an actual game that i created on screen!

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  • Hehehe awesome

    Nothing wrong with using placeholder graphics until you build the engine. A lot of more experienced people do the same thing so you can work out the entire play mechanics before making everything look pretty.

    Also, sometimes the simplest ideas are often the best...

    Remember, if you need help with something, or want to get an idea of how something might work if you are stuck figuring things out... ask someone! Everyone here pretty much is generally very helpful and will be more than happy to point you in the right direction or even post examples.

    Welcome to the boards!


  • The best way to learn Construct is to play around.

  • Boldly goof around where no one else has goofed before!

  • Boldly goof around where no one else has goofed before!

    How is this even possible wehn we all know you have already been there and done that?


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