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  • Well I'm sure this isn't the first time many of you have heard this.. but..

    I have been working this idea for a game around in my head for almost two years now. Just been kind of thinking it over, rolling it around, playing with different possibilities. I think that construct is really what I want to design it in as it is the best studio I have found so far. I have a couple of concerns though and they really are nagging at me:

    1) Can you even make money off of an HTML5 game?

    -Now I know my first thought should not be about money, and it wasn't. My inspiration for making this game came from the fact that I have yet to find anything like it. As far as my idea goes, it is completely original. But if I ever got the game to a point where it was sellable, how would I even do it? I assume a website should be my first step, but then what?

    2) Should I move on to make the game in another language once it begins to get really complex?

    -Construct is awesome, but once this game starts getting really inclusive and complex, should I move on to a new language and a new coding system?

    3) How do I get my game out there?

    -For a bit at least I think I just want a few friends helping me out with test. So far only I and one other are aware of the actual gameplay and have access to the idea board that sprang up a while back. So I will be getting some outside testing from close friends. But say I decide in Alpha or Beta that I want to get this out to the community. How should I get my game shown? Should I charge any money? If not when should I?

    4) IF this game somehow gets big, should a company come next?

    -Say I get this game out there and it is a huge success, beyond my wildest dreams. All of a sudden I am being told to start a company and copyright everything and trademark names. that thought is just way too overwhelming. Should I hire someone to help em out at that point?

    I know this is a lot to answer, don't feel inclined to answer them all, if you have even a partial answer for one of them I would be incredibly grateful. I want to do this more than anything but not if all my hard work is going to go to waste in the end!

  • 1. let people donate via paypal

    2. language? construct is not a "language". Do note that construct supports python so that might be worth learning?

    3. Go to a gameing site and try getting supporters like gamestop, newgrounds etc. Find a HTML5 alternative to those.

    4. Ha!

  • Well currently PayPal isn't an option for reasons that I won't beg]in to explain (TL;DR). So I guess for now I will be flying free. And what I meant is, will I be able to export this to something besides HTML5 with construct 2? (I think I read something about it but am not sure, don't want to spend money on something when it only exports to HTML5). And don't say ha, the reason I asked is because I am a very optimistic person. I do however realize that that is a very lofty goal, the real question is how to handle it if I started making a bunch of money for some odd reason.

  • You could look in to PhoneGap for converting Construct 2 HTML5 games to native phone apps for Android, iOS and some others.

    For #2: Construct 2 is intended to be a good tool to develop large and complex games in. You can move on to a language if you like, but Construct 2 is designed to handle these kinds of games as well. You could even start writing javascript plugins to customise parts of your game.

    For #4, I'm not sure any of us can tell you! It's up to you, and besides, wouldn't being that successful be kind of a nice problem to have? <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

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  • from what I've read about number 4. definitely, you can hire someone who's job it is to help you get bigger correctly. Banks who claim to be able to help you make your small business grow may have additional info, I haven't gotten that far though.    I think alot of small companies that get big aren't just people who know everything about running a big business. also, you can control your growth, I've also read growing too big too quick was the main cause of failure back when the internet was just getting started. Also, number 4 is definitely not 'ha' and it's not a lofty goal. If you're incapable of creating a great game it's obviously impossible, but there's no reason why inherently it's unrealistic. most indie games really aren't that great. it isn't luck that makes games like terraria, and minecraft, and angry birds, and world of goo get big. they're just original and fun, and look great. You don't have to be crysis to look great, there are humbler ways to look good. and I have to stress that last part. I think good looks is one of the most important aspects to successful indie games. this is my own personal theory here. i think a good game with average or bad graphics will get almost nowhere, but a slightly less good game with very attractive, interesting "hey look at this screenshot" graphics has a good chance of getting somewhere. of course gameplay is important to get as big as you're hoping, but if you can't make good art, and you think you're game is a winner, hire an artist when you're game is further along.              

    I'm pretty tired so I'm not going to reread all of that, but as far as selling html5 I'm not sure about that. I believe the chrome store may do that, but I think there are a few other things to consider. 1 is there is an application i forgot what it's called that converts html5 games into native iphone and android....and maybe windows desktop? not sure about the last one.   also. eventually construct 2 will support more than just html5, if you're serious about making a business out of games, you probably won't be totally finished before c2 has begun on it's next exporter.

    anywho, good luck!!!

  • terraria, and minecraft, and angry birds, and world of goo get big. they're just original and fun, and look great...

    minecraft and world of goo - maybe, terraria and angry birds not so much original, but as you said fun and looks great. I'm saying that because i was playing angry birds on my brothers phone and then on my fathers phone earlier one day, and after few minutes i asked myself what's so great about that game? I've played many "same ideas" games before on kongregate or armor games and to be honest I have more fun with them. Is it marketing or big sponsors doing all that?

    Same was with "amazing" Braid - called innovative, epic and ...

    again not true. There was nothing innovative and specially nothing epic about that game, but had awesome marketing. After few day Braid ads was everywhere (same with angry birds) - internet, tv, magazines and You always have seen that whether wanted or not. And for the first time with Braid i have heard "Indie games" ;)

    but apart from that i totaly afree with you lucid :)

  • Well that is some good motivation. I have yet to come across a game that is quite like mine. There are a couple that are distantly similar, but nothing quite on the scale of mine. I'm hoping that I can get it going pretty well here, that would be absolutely amazing! For now I am working in CC because it has some features I need. But when C2 gets to a point where I can do everything I need, I think I might move to that.

    P.S. Anyone happen to know if there is going to be an easy way to convert a .cap to a .capx to bring it from CC to C2?

  • P.S. Anyone happen to know if there is going to be an easy way to convert a .cap to a .capx to bring it from CC to C2?

    R0J0hound created a very basic converter in the early days of C2, but it's already been said that to convert anything of substance would be extremely difficult (impossible?) as all the Plugins and Behaviors don't have equivalents in C2.

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