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    So apparently Google wants to do a step up from Chromecast, and cram everything web related into a box for the TV, including Hangouts,... and games.

    Yes, you will be able to see people when you talk to them.

    Technically speaking, I must say its a wonderful time to be alive.

  • know of any game development plugins for chrome cast so we can display our game on the tv and use the device as a remote?

  • Chromecast doesn't work like that.

    It just "casts" whats on the device onto the tv.

    However, the thing I mentioned will.

  • maybe you don't know how but how does youtube and netflix work then because it does not mirror the device

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  • maybe you don't know how but how does youtube and netflix work then because it does not mirror the device

    What newt said is accurate; Chromecast is not a full-fledged Android device out of the box and can only run a small subset of apps. Streaming video from a service is not the same thing as running a full-featured Android app.

    If you're trying to test for future usage on Nexus TV, and assuming that's a full-fledged Android device, something like the MK808B or other, newer Android PC on-a-stick devices could serve as a potential testing platform - assuming, again, that the Nexus TV will be a full Android install with Google Play support. Those Android PCs are pretty powerful for their cost ($40ish-$100ish), and also serve as a good testbed for Ouya and Gamestick.

  • yes I do know that is the current status but it is not yet made for everybody to publish with yet

  • So Google is finally making the move. Rather than move into the console market. They are going to create a device aimed to bridge all markets.

    I'm looking forward to this :)

  • So that mean, you ether have to run game on the phone and mirror the screen, or run the game on the server and send just the stream. Would be interesting to find out how to do ether of those. But Imagine server running a multyplayer game sending you just a strem, coudl be interesting.

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