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  • Hello all,

    I have previously spent a lot of money on an app that went nowhere. I have 0 programming talent or interest but was part owner of a company that managed to make 3 PS2 games so I have some industry experience.

    I came up with a simplistic card game that is based on "go fish" and am looking to make it it browser based for accessibility and portability. The idea is to have an HTML5 game that I can appify for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

    Is SCIRRA that right tool to protoype this or is it over kill? I don't mind the price in any way, I just don't want the tool getting in the way of creating what is a simple card game.

    All opinons welcome.

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  • Construct 2 is by far the best choice for this. The engine does everything but 'get in the way'.

    In fact, I'd say using anything else would be overkill.

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