My new Website with Construct games and templates

  • Since I couldn't join the Global Game Jam, I have decided to 'finish' my website.

    I think I had a little influence from my childhood :P

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  • Don't you think the layout needs improvement?

  • Don't you think the layout needs improvement?

    Hi teriastiles, thank you for taking time to check my website :)

    Ss it applies to video games, there is always space for improvement. The thing is that at one point we have to let it go and move on something else and that's why I said 'finish'. I am aware that lots can be done, but at the moment I prefer to focus on video game development rather than have an amazing website.

    My goal was to have a basic website where to keep all together the various links that every time I have to provide once someone asks me what I have done. I provide Scirra's website link,, Game Jolt, YouTube, Patreon and so on, definitely less professional than the current website since each one of the above mentioned website have more than one thing to see and some are duplicated among platforms.

    Said that, I am happy to listen to any suggestion, I am writing them down and will apply the most suitable ones to next website update, that will not happen anytime soon :P

    What would you suggest to improve? Can you be a bit more specific? What do you like and what you don't like? So I have a better clear idea about the meaning of layout improvement.

    I know there are some little bugs depending on the browser used, but I hope that the browsers with issue will get some update so I can avoid to become crazy adjusting the website for everyone :D

    Thank you again for your help and let me know your suggestions :-)

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