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  • Hi there,

    I couldn't find my old topic in search so I'm posting a new one.

    Would like to show you some of my recent music tracks and see what you think about them. Some of them are form projects I'm working on, but only a little bit since i can't show off too much.


    Cheers :)


  • It's a bit depressing that none from those 324 people who viewed the page didn't thought anything about it ><'' . It can't be that bad? haha

    added several new tracks btw :)

  • I, as a nobody with no music credential whatsoever, ask for your forgiveness for my following attempt to comment on your awesome tracks.

    (I have only listened to first three, by now)

    The Return(1st Mix unmastered)

    I am curious, why "The Return(1st Mix unmastered)" does not end at 3:24? It was an epic finish (at 3:24) and I was quite..erm.. unease? when the music continues~


    I can't seems to find the right volume to play the "cyberpunk". Too loud, the background sound hurt my ear, too soft then I couldn't get enough of the awesome beat you put in.

    5:06-5:30 sounds "offbeat?" to me..? Is it intended that way or ..?

    I also feel that 5:37 would be the perfect place to end the track, haha.. .. ..

    Mellow Orchestra

    1:31-1:38 Sounds strange, I kinda heard 3 "Step", and their interval is strange too?

    1:44, perhaps because the bass and the melody began with the same note, it felt like a missing note!

    Transition between part and part might feel better if it has been slower?

    Haha, you said that nobody thought anything about your tracks, now here comes me that thought alot about it =P Hope you wasn't offended though.

    I should say that overall those were as good as any soundtrack that I have ever heard~ =) Good job~ (Especially the return, it was epic)

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  • Hey, thanks for your feedback. Don't worry I'm not offended XD I'm still learning.

  • I liked most of your work. The return and Delectro being maybe the best ones.

    Cyberpunk had some Vangelis vibes in it and Delectro was sort of a mix between Kraftwerk and R?yksopp.

    Some songs had minor flaws just as ZhaoYun mentioned. Mystic Mountain - Ride on the Giant's back had strange ending. Delectro felt little bit unbalanced and leaning more on the left side on my headset.

    I don't think "The return" needs mastering as it's more soundtrack music and needs some dynamics to sound massive as it does now.

    I'm not professional with music, but I do make music as a hobby for my game projects.

  • Hey, thanks for feedback :)

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