New CPU fan

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  • I know this is incredibly geeky, but just installed on of these:

    <img src="">

    My computer is virtually silent now! The AMD stock fan really was noisy, I'm used to loud PC's, but wow now it's ultra quiet! So nice to listen music on now!

  • That's a geekin cool fan to have.When i replaced my old fan with the new one i thought the fan wasn't working lol That's how quiet the fan where compared to the older stock fan.

  • ooohhh this is some hot %% right here!

    dont feel bad, im also in love with a thermaltake q-spin or whatever the name is.

    im gonna buy it, im gonna buy it so bad. it is a work of art!

  • How much was that man? My studio machine is pretty loud so i've been considering getting a macbook to sort it out... Not too keen on becoming a mac fanboy though. This could be an option though

  • When I read the thread title, I thought it was about being a fan of certain CPU

  • It's �30, totally 100% worth it, it's called Corsair A50 I think, but it's big, my case isn't quite big enough so measure first!

    It keeps it 10c cooler, so I've over clocked to 3.5ghz (on 6 cores)

  • gee well apple product tend to be load and HOT too.

    there are cool cpus for like 15 bucks, the one i like costs 50 though

  • I have one of these myself : <img src="">

    And with this babe I can keep my E4300 overclocked to 3.24ghz from the lousy 1.81ghz

  • oh those austrian brown fans, ive heard their super cool, what is their secret?

  • Here is mine:

    <img src="">

    Just did a full flush after 15,000 hours of use. Not a single ounce of "crud" in the lines. I guess people either make that stuff up, or don't maintain their fluid levels properly.


  • Nice, how cool can you run it? And do you overclock?

  • CPU redlines at around 70�C (Intel Q9300 from about 2-3 years back)

    Sitting in windows at standard clock it hovers around 55�C on a 30�C day.

    Under 100% load it gets to about 60�C.

    Overclocked from 2.4Ghz to 3.1Ghz average temp raises about 7�C

    On a 40�C+ day I don't turn my computer on.

    My PC is in a detached "unit" or as we call it a "granny flat"... I think Americans might refer to it as an "office"... anyway there is no aircon out here. Last time we had a 42�C day it hit 54�C in this room. PC was still running but CPU was dead on 70�C which is where transistors start to screw up.

    I guess with 2xGTX280 GPU's and 6 HDDs in this case... it like a 3-bar element heater running on full. The stock CPU fan that came with the thing was so crap, my system would overheat and bluescreen if I did anything beyond sitting at the desktop. If I take the video cards out and put in something milder (like a 9800GT or something) I notice about a 15�C drop in ambient temperature.

    This thing is on the edge. :/


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  • You thought about underclocking it so you can use it when your room temp is too high?

  • Thought about it yes, but typically it doesn't get that hot here... and if it does the heat is so unbearable I can't use the computer anyway since I'D melt lol.


  • I have to use my pc daily, or I die

    Also, sol, since you're into this kinda stuff, just thought id share

    My kids have inherited my 5870(flash based web games never ran so smoothly)

    I recently upgraded to a hd6970

    Kabaam!, fool

    Don't know if you play bc2(best fps out), but battlefield 3 is coming later this year, and Dice says to start saving your money for upgrades. Find a vid and check it out, it looks stupidly amazing. its the first pc game to take full advantage of pc's in a long time, unless you count metro2033, and I dont

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