New 2d engine Buildbox for $2,675

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    Construct2 users would have a good laugh if they check out the webpage for new 2d engine Buildbox. It might be worth trying if it was under $100. But instead they want to charge a whopping $2,675! Makes even a pro version of Unity seem cheap

    How do you actually "code" in it? What i see is a number of popular game templates that you just tweak the variables and add new sprites and backgrounds etc?

    I couldn't afford it, but for a professional studio looking to churn out iOS games $2,675 wouldn't be such a bad investment.

    Its a template cruncher software. It's not worth $2,675, but then again neither was the courses game academy created.

    It looks flashy and will make a handful of people some money, but in the long run, it is a waste of time. C2 is capable of so much, but people find it limited. Then this is going to hit the ceiling the minute you try to create a unique (non template cookie type game).

    Trey is seriously smoking something, but he is a superb marketer, and will make money from this like all his other junk.

    Target audience would be rich daddy's whose kid wants to make it as a game developer - and this is the miracle software that is going to do it for him/her.

    Check out all the writing software (Hemmingway wrote with a pencil and paper) and you can program a game in notepad.

    Wait a month and the software will be cracked because it deserves to be cracked.

    These launches know it will be pirated that is why they do this limited launch, make the money quick and put it to bed.

    [quote:3h8tvpx2]Hey Guys,

    We've never had this happened and always prepare for these events, but tonight we crashed the complete Game Academy server when we released.

    SO SORRY to everyone that was on. I know it was frustrating. We prepared, but apparently not enough.

    To make up for it, we're going to give the two bonuses (the big 3D art pack and the Imagebox software) to EVERYONE who orders before 5:00PM PST tomorrow.

    You can order it now here:

    Lol, get this on each of his launches. Straight from Product Launch Formula - ha ha ha ha

    In all honesty, when I saw it, I was a little curious. But after looking around and them not showing anything about how the game engine work, just the normal marketing strategy of what success you can achieve, I lost interest. Honestly, I always give any software a chance, I will take a look and see what they have to offer....but after a while, I just keep thinking of how I can use C2 to do exactly what they claim and more.......ok....except for native exports

    DUTOIT, haha I guess some people let their products do the talking, and some have to do the talking for it!

    I have been workin with C2 for a year and a half and it's very useful but with mobile export there's some down points:

    -IAP (even with Cocoonjs)

    -Mopub and its limited Ad Networks.

    -File size after the Cocoonjs or CW compilation.

    Because of this points I think that doesn't matter if this builbox has just some templates to be tweaked, it has IAP and the best Ads SDK and this mean monetization and if could afford it I maybe take my chances with it. Don't miss understand me I'm sure this can't do all they promise but certainly can do interestaing things.

    Also Corona SDK is cheaper and better.

    Just saying.

    i work with 'Build Box"s old version named " Project Myhem" with on of my client as designer

    but he give me the Artist version and its only for MAC

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    Lets bought it together if we pay 100$,so we will need 27 person,,

    i am interested


    but it says "The most powerful drag and drop game builder ever created."... so, it is a must to spend that money on it. There is nothing better than this. They say it on the page, so this must be the truth!

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    This video can answer some questions:


    Feel the urge to buy some knives with a complimentary potato peeler after watching just a little.

    Heh physics spazzing out when he resizes the window

    what about performance in older device ?


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