I got a netbook and...well you'll see.....

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  • Hey guys,

    I have recently been doing alright, I guess. The only downside (Can't remember if I told you guys) is that I had surgery on my toe (yes toe lmao) and it got uber infected from a hospital bug or something, then they put me on an ant-biotic that I'm allergic to, so now I have build build up in my joints (like knees, elbows) It hurts like hell whenever I stand :'(

    On the up side:

    I got a new workspace/desk for my desktop. It was actully my moms, and now it's mine

    But everything fit's really well, I have room for my speakers, midi box, 4 channel stereo mixer, Wacom Bamboo, Samson Q6 mic, a gamepad (That I never use lmao) and with plenjty of room! Here is a picture of it: (Link not embedded-still imageshack though)


    I do apologize for the quality of the pictures in this thread, I took them with my phone on a very low setting=crap

    Anyway about the title of my thread; Yes I got a "Netbook" I got the ASUS EeePC900A Linux model 7" edition with only a 4 gig HDD and 1 gig ram.

    I found bestbuy's version of linux to be crappy as Fu** so I searched for a free alternative OS. Ah of course "Ubuntu 8.10" that would be rockin on this thing! IF you've never seen a netbook, it's a really tin tiny laptop w/o a disk drive. (Full keyboard) They come in a crappy linux of windows XP. (XP id more money though-$200 more) Here is a pic of how small my netbook really is-I got this off google but this is my model:

    <img src="http://img154.imageshack.us/img154/1403/asuseeepc90016mh6.jpg">

    So I searched for "Ubuntu on Netbooks" and came across "Ubuntu Netbook Remix"

    At first I thought "How perfect!" It's made just for the intel atom processer + it's still ubuntu!!!!

    NO!!!!! It IS NOT!!!!!

    It's a stripped down version with a crappy interface as it's not done yet. And it would even boot up properly lol. So here's what I did:

    I D/L(ed) the Ubuntu Desktop 32 bit 8.10 version and installed through a 1 gig SD card that I made bootable. I installed, and to my suprise it f'ing worked!!!! I now have unbuntu 8.10 (somewhat) in my pocket! Or in my hand anyway....here are some pics of it booting and running a few apps:

    Full body shot (booting)

    <img src="http://img73.imageshack.us/img73/7479/ubuntuup8.jpg">

    Up close-screen-shot (Booting)

    <img src="http://img79.imageshack.us/img79/4759/ubuntu2ev7.jpg">

    Screen-shot (Booted)

    <img src="http://img390.imageshack.us/img390/9915/ubuntu4ad9.jpg">

    Running "Audacity"

    <img src="http://img79.imageshack.us/img79/3259/ubuntu3oz9.jpg">

    Running Gimp

    <img src="http://img60.imageshack.us/img60/6897/ubuntu5ih7.jpg">

    I've got everything on there like Open Office, and you name it, all on the little 4 gig HDD to lmao. I did however (with it having an SD card reader built in) put in a 1 gig card so I have a place to save all my documents/music, photos, for the meantime anyway, I'm getting a 4 gig or an 8 gig soon to replace it

    Overall I highly recommend this thing. As it was only $280 and I have 32 bit power wherever I go. And with it having usb 2.0 slots I was able to plug in my midi box and record with audacity!!!! Plugged in with my Guitar and my mic!!!!! and it was able to read and boot off my maxtor mager 750 gig external usb HDD. The XP version is still cool though, err if only...FL Studio on the go...ahh one can dream...WAIT!!!! I have a real laptop lmao!!!! Wtf? am I saying.........(Not this thing another one running uck, Vistax64)

  • OK, understood.

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  • Eee PCs... I see alot of people with these days; I was thinking of getting one, my laptop lasts 20 minutes without a mains connection, and it's a hassle to do any real work at other places (library, group projects, lectures).

    One thing, how good is it performance wise? Can it handle day to day software with no slowdown?

  • Can handle OpenOffice.org, Firefox etc without problem. I've got one, and it's a nice little bit of kit.

  • How long is the battery life?

  • My friend has one which lasts up to 6 hours depending on his use :O.

  • there coming out with those 9" ones from HP with solid slate Hard drives up to 30 gigs I believe, and they will not have the atom processor!!! I look forward to that, downside, they will be over a thousand bucks....I think it's going to use something like to the Airs processor. Anyway....

    I've actually been able to do a lot of stuff with this little guy. I've even played "Open arena" smoothly on it! It's a mean little guy, and the HP one for an extra 200-300 $$$ would probably be well worth the cash. (Not the hp men tioned above-a $550 one) But for $280 I'm certainly not going to complain!!!

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