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  • Hi,

    I'm a 2D games developer, Bachelor of Technology graduate and Master of Business Administration (MBA) post-graduate. I work as a freelancer on game development as a part time. I built a game concept and developed a prototype, please check it on the below link.

    The game will start with a small story. An ambitious monkey travels to different planets. The user has to help the monkey to launch the rocket by making the ball hit the rocket launch button. It consists of seven planets with 40 levels each, total 280 levels. The game will be released on android, iOS and windows phone platforms.

    We've already started the development with great confidence of success. We hired a graphics developer to develop the graphics for the whole project. You can check the work on the below links.

    We also need to hire a music composer to complete the whole project.

    The game will be free to download but consists of in-app purchases. We started developing puzzles for planet one and there is a lot to be done.

    We need a great support from you to elevate this project to success. This project also requires promotion, marketing and registration on respective platforms.

    The whole project could cost around $2,500 in which graphics designer requires $1,500, while the remaining amount will be utilized for music composer, marketing, PR's and licensing for respective mobile platforms.

    We will repay double once the game meets its success.

    Your support will fill the gap between the project and its success. We wish you will be part of its success, our success.

    Risks and Challenges :

    The game requires an attractive look, attractive music and addictive puzzles. We’ve already taken care of its look by hiring a talented graphics developed and its puzzles with the concept. We still need to take care of music by hiring a music composer, which we are planning to do so after finishing the whole development.

    After finishing the whole project, we are planning to release the game with the help of distributors, who has great marketing and success history.


    Sudeep Vundurty

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