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  • Hello Guys,

    I just got the new Need for Speed and think its great so far. If anyone wants s game online let me know and ill give you my gamertag. I will lose because im new   but i dont mind. Whats some other good car games? I normally dont buy that sort of game but really like this so now im thinking try some others.

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  • I personally like Forza Motorsport. Not sure which one I played (maybe 3), but it was great. Tons of cars and, like you, I don't usually play any type of sports games. Including racing, but I made an exception here and there with Forza and Need for Speed, and Midnight Club (PSP). Haven't played any in a while, though, but those are the one I've played and consider at least remotely enjoyable.

  • If you're into old-school arcade-y racing games, you should try the San Francisco Rush series. My favorite is San Francisco Rush 2049, the car even have WINGS.

  • Other than what's already been mentioned, I like GRID and Burnout.

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