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  • I been using and loving Construct 2 for a while now, developing a metroidvania, so far so good except when i find a Construct 3 tutorial, the only tutorial for that i can find, and more and more i come across this situations, sometimes even out of the blue. So... GameMaker 2 is free now... and Construct 3 is 20$ per months, steep. No permanent purchase. So im decidint to swith over to GM... but before i make a choice... i like Construct, im used to it. Does really have Game Maker so much advantage to Construct 3? Is worth tha pain learning the engine from scrath? Please help me. Sorry for my english. Very sorry.

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  • This is the Construct forums dude, you're not likely to get people advising you to go use another product. Me personally, I've never looked at GM. Construct has all the tools you need to make the games. You can always try them both and decide for yourself.

  • If money is the main deciding factor, then maybe construct 3 isn't suitable for you.

    If game dev is a hobby to you, then consider the fact that many people put some form of money into their hobby - Game devs are lucky that we can get away with a somewhat cheap computer that lasts for years, and we could choose to use game dev software that is free - hardly any costs at all for a hobby you might spend months and months on! But as I said, it's generally normal for people to put some money towards their hobby, so it's not "bad" to pay for a software licence or a subscription when there's free alternatives - it all depends on your financial situation.

    If you are doing game dev as full time work and have no other form of income, then depending if you have some money available, then I'd say Construct 3 is a good option for a few reasons, such as the support (you have literally all Scirra staff, such as the lead programmer and web designer and everything, answering questions on the forums and providing support, as well as the community providing help). Also C3 updates very regularly, usually every week depending on holiday season and such, so if you encounter a bug, and you report it clearly, then this could be fixed within a week or two depending on how complicated the bug is, which is great service! Plus all the extra features that get added, Construct 3 is constantly evolving.

    I use Construct 3 in my free time after my day job, not a high paying job but enough to afford a few subscriptions per month (e.g. Spotify and Construct 3). I hope to eventually generate money from what I create, but as of now, I'm happy paying, as I really like how the software functions and the service that Scirra provides.

  • Thanks for the answer. I ended up doing math and when i loaded my project into the free version it gave me a good offer and since i live in a VAT-free zone is much less. So now im a happy owner of Construct 3.

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