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  • Hey guys ^^ Sorry, I'm from switzerland and my english is not the best..

    I have a dialog in my game and need your help.

    "At the moment he's testing a OR an really fast jet plane."

    I'm not sure about a or an... Pls help me ^^ Thank you

  • because I don't know from wich part of Switzerland I try it in german.

    But the sentence doesn't make any sense (doesn't matter which language).

    Der Satz ergibt in keiner Sprache einen Sinn

    "Im Moment testet er ein ODER ein wirklich schnelles Düsenflugzeug"

    google translate (pretty good translation)

    Im Moment testet er ein oder eine wirklich schnelle Düsenflugzeug

    Au moment où il teste un OU avion à réaction très rapide

    Al momento sta testando una o un aereo a reazione veramente veloce

  • You use 'an' when the next word begins with a vowel: a,e,i,o,u. So in this case it would be 'a really fast jet'.

  • Oops - I thought it was an error message he didn't understand

    Still the "a OR" makes no sense so if you leave that out, everything is ok.

    At the moment, he is testing a really fast jet plane

  • Ahh nice, thnak you guys

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  • Well i'm sure that these people will make you learn about the thing you are interested to know. Anyways would yo'll like to tell us that which game you are playing?

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