How many of you NEED the business license?

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  • Hello,

    My name is Olivier, I'm new here. I'm a professional 3d artist, formerly programmer, and I have always wanted to make my own game. In fact I had started making my own 2D engine in C++ over a year ago. I know it's kinda like reinventing the wheel, but that was part of the challenge.

    I had made some good progress, I was able to make a basic platformer and a point-n-click proof of concept.

    Unfortunately, it's still missing many features, especially some kind of content editor. It's still a long way before I can actually start making the game itself and I don't have much time to work on it. When I do, I can't remember where I left it, I have to re-learn how to use my own code. Eventhough I use notes and comments, I can't remember what works or not, what needs to be done next, and I quickly loose motivation and forget it for another month.

    So I decided to just forget the "make my own game from A to Z" idea and decided to give a try at one of those game making programs. I remember seeing some on Steam. I hesitate between Game Maker and Construct, I did some research and decided to give Construct a go first, it looked easier to learn, I like the idea of HTML5 based game, and I liked its philosophy better (pay once for everything and not this DLC bullsh*t).

    So after doodling with it for a couple of days, doing tutorials and getting better result than what I had achieved in the past year, I decided to buy a license to use it at its full potential. When I got to pick which, of course, I decided to get the personal one. It's not that the business license is that expensive (compared to some software I use at work, it's nothing), but hey, make a good game first, then we'll see if we need one.

    Which brought me to wonder: How many of you actually had to buy a business license yet? I'm not asking how many bought a business license from the beginning, "just in case", thinking they'll make it big.

    I'm asking, how many of you were required to upgrade to a business license because they had reached the maximum income they could make with a personal license.

    I'm not particularly hoping to get rich with Construct or to make it my main source of income, I already have a job I like (although I would not mind if I made a few bucks out of it). I just want to make a game that I can share with my friends and as many people as possible. But I'm just curious about Construct's potential. Like, I would expect people to make a couple hundred dollars, but I'd be surprised (in a good way) it I got 50 people telling me they made more over $5000 with their game made in construct. But hey, maybe I'm wrong, which would be a good thing. I'm not someone trying to get convinced to get Construct, I already got it and I like it, I'm just wondering how big can you make it.

  • So far I only made like 40$ with a small game. Covered my expenses with C2 :P

  • We need the business license, but then we won it, so all's good :)

  • Given the fact that purchasing a license upgrade from personal to business isn't an option in the store, I'd say very few people.

    I'd love to make it big, but my first few games are probably going to be simple and free.

    I know one thing for sure, I wish the personal license was half the price, but it wasn't a bad purchase.

  • well thanks for your answers. My question was not really about "is it worth it ?", I know it is. I'm having fun with the personal licence, I already went over the 100 events limit of the free version in just one day as I was making seamless input switch for my game (going from keybord to mouse to gamepad on the fly), all that in a web browser, really cool.

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  • I should be getting one right before my Desura release.

    I feel like Scira has earned the money even if I have not made the $5000 yet.

    They have been really helpful and fast via Email, and the product is definitely commercial grade.

    The new DeBugger has made me really want to get some cash to Scira quick.

  • what it feels like, Construct 2 bases to buy their business license on trust. If you are making more then 5000$, it's up to you to be honest and come to Construct 2 and tell them that you are making that money. If your game becomes really popular, they probably come knocking on your door and ask if you have the correct license or say: we checked your account and you do not have the license that is needed.

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