Myths and misconceptions anyone knows?

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  • Please feel free to talk about, bust etc. myths, misconceptions etc. anyone knows of.

    Here is one myth I will bust in this post.

    Myth #1: It is absolutely (unrestrictedly) impossible to get something from nothing.

    Fact #1: False. That which has always existed came from absolutely nothing.

    For example the fact that the singing sounding voice to the song

    The Way It Is by Bruce Hornsby and The Range

    is an always existant fact that came literally from nothing.

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  • Myth: Switching to an electric vehicle will just mean that the same amount of pollution comes from the electricity generation rather than from the tailpipe — I'll just be switching from oil to coal.

    Reality: According to a range of studies doing a ‘well to wheels’ analysis, an electric car leads to significantly less carbon dioxide pollution from electricity than the CO2 pollution from the oil of a conventional car with an internal combustion engine.In some areas, like many on the West Coast that relies largely on wind or hydropower, the emissions are significantly lower for EVs. And that's today. As we retire more coal plants and bring cleaner sources of power online, the emissions from electric vehicle charging drop even further. Additionally, in some areas, night-time charging will increase the opportunity to take advantage of wind power -- another way to reduce emissions.

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