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  • Noticed that some others have been making threads for their music, figured I might as well.

    I'm using Renoise (I've mentioned it before) to make these. - This one is a little special since I made it completely on my DS with NitroTracker using only 4 channels.

    I'm currently experimenting with the sounds from Cave Story (they come together with Pxtone as wav files), I'm thinking of putting them on the DS to use there.

  • I never heard about Renoise... but when i saw it, it actually reminds me of a good old times i spend with Impulse Tracker (years actually )

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  • Yeah, I've looked at Renoise a couple of times, but to be honest, I just don't think it's worth the price.

    I'm using OpenMPT ( to compose and render the music for my games.

    I'm sure it has pretty much all the features of Renoise, and most important to me, supports VST plugins and ASIO low-latency midi input, so I can use my midi keyboards with it without any fuss.

    Nice tunes though mate.


  • These are pretty nice, inkBot. I listened to a few of them and think they are solid chippy goodness.

    My personal favorite being penultimate.

    As well, thanks for the link, Krush, as I'm always out to look for new programs to tinker with. My experience with trackers is limited to TFM Maker and FamiTracker a little bit (my main machine is FL Studio, with a little Reaper dabbling), so I am not unfamiliar with tracking.

    That being said, the interface to this thing looks pretty darn intimidating!

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