Muramasa: The Demon Blade

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  • Beautifull 2d game for Wii

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

  • Hmm, I wonder if thats vector?

    Anyway the ocean waves are frigen awesome

  • Hmm, I wonder if thats vector?

    I think all is illustration/bones mix.

    Check this too:


  • looks good.

    btw. thise leafs look like they where drawn with standard photoshop leaf spray/brush

  • Certainly a game I'm keeping my eye on and if it gets an Australian release and decent reviews, I'll certainly buy it!

    One of the most stunning 2D games I've ever seen and I'd certainly love to see someone with the artistic skills make something similar in Construct

  • Yeah, I definitely think we'll see things like that pop up using Construct pretty soonish.

    Construct already is capable of handling all the graphics with parallax layers and transparency / motion and all that kinda stuff, it's still a bit of a pain in the cashews (heh, I like that ) to work with animation though. The easier it'll be to bring detailed animations into Construct, the more gorgeous the games will look like.

    I'm currently working on something really interesting, but the bugs and crashes keep the pace down. Also, there are still some workflow issues that probably stem from the app still being in its infancy when it comes to indie development and having to be pulled through a whole production until it's really stable. I'm talking about things like running a layout to just check a certain part of the game and Construct not loading the global objects or generally not being able to organize things properly at the moment - things that might not be completely obvious at first, but bite you in the nuts when you're actually dealing with it.

    I think it'll be really interesting if we mix and match the mediums to get the most ouf of what construct has to offer. I'm doing full 2d now where only the characters are 3d and rendered out with an alpha channel, so I can import the sprites into Construct. I think all of this will lead to some pretty interesting results.

  • Graphic style reminds me a little bit of Odin Sphere for ps2.

    Pure eye candy!

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  • Those are both beautiful games. I think definitely possible with Construct - although it would be a full-time job! I think the cut-scenes would have to be done in Flash or something like it then imported into the Construct project as a movie. Thanks for the links - the visuals are inspirational.

  • Graphic style reminds me a little bit of Odin Sphere for ps2.

    Pure eye candy!

    It's actually made by the same people who did Odin Sphere.

    I personally can't wait for this game to come out, it looks freakin' amazing.

  • I'm glad there's still room for 2D games with beautiful art in commercial gaming. I thought for a while those days were over!

  • i just wish it wasnt a slash em up, games like that get old way too fast. think of viewtiful joe, its fun but it gets repetitive very quickly.

  • This game looks amazing indeed.

    Which is why such news sadden me:

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