Mortal Kombat demo awesome as hell

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  • anyone play the mortal kombat demo yet?

    I was a big fan at mk2, mk3 slightly less so, but after that, I didn't really play any of them, and they all seemed crappy. Got playstation plus to download this demo, and I have to say Mortal Kombat is back.

    It's dark, brutal, and very visceral. The combo system is sophisticated, and the whole thing plays really solid. Presentation is top notch, too. Great sound, graphics, animation, and the xrays and fatalities look great.

    4 characters in the demo, and already my favorite fighting game of this generation.

  • the new mortal kombat game? oh yea and they even put 3d support liek some games.

    its gonna be awesome, shame that its only for consoles again, i really hate those producers that make console only games,

  • so hows it comparing to mvc3?

  • I doubt I'll be playing mvc3 much anymore, unless my kids want to play with me. mk is my fighter now. the combo system is so satisfying, and like I said before - the gameplay, and the way it combines with the sound and graphics gives such a visceral feel.

    seriously, I give the demo a 10 out of. I haven't been this giddy about a fighting game since killer instinct came out back in '94. I can't stress enough how good this game is.

    It is a must play game.

  • i always liked how mk games played, and mk9 looks perfect, especially since they brought back all the characters i actually care about.

    I rented MvC3 and i don't like the fighting much at all, it feels like you're barely in control compared to other fighters. Although the game looks great, the fighting just feels, spammy? Sometimes it even feels completely random, especially with Wesker and a support Sentinel spamming everywhere... and the supers can be used WAYY too often.

    I think Mk9 is going to be the one to buy.

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  • I haven't played MK before, but I think this game's title is absurdly retarded, I hate it how companies release a new game under the same exact title as one of their previous ones.

  • did you forget that their releasing a movie soon with the title?

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