Mo'Minis game dev. tool looks like Construct?

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  • This game developmpent tool called Mo'Minis, looks really like it comes from Construct:

    It is free.

    Maybe it will be cool, to blend the teams and create option to compile Construct games for mobile phones?

  • Looks like a nice project.

    I hope Construct (or this) will someday have iPhone support. So many indie developers are making lots of money out of simple games. We'd all be filthy rich!

  • Looks interesting, especially that they opt for an event based system as well. It seems pretty basic, but I guess it does the job for mobile gaming. Still, mobile gaming is a trickier thing for Construct to achieve, I don't think we'll be deviating from our original aim of DirectX accelerated desktop games for some time.

    Also I don't think it looks particularly similar to Construct, I'm guessing they don't even know we exist.

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  • It's got a newish UI and shares some aesthetic similarities, but it's very different otherwise. Looks rather interesting.

  • [quote:1bmsbuln]The platform is currently in Beta stage and we do not yet supply a way for to get the mobile version of your game. Nonetheless, when you are done creating your game, we encourage you to publish it through the Game Submission Form. We will send you your game for free shortly after the contest is over. Please keep in mind that while our support base is already very wide, we still don't have 100% handsets coverage (more details in the "Games Compatibility" topic) and you might experience some issues with the game running on your personal handset.

    In addition, leading games will be distributed worldwide and potentially generate revenue for you as described in the "Game Distribution & Revenues" topic.

    Sounds a little hinkey, sorry I always tend to look for ulterior motives when I see the word free.

  • Looks like they're using the same UI library thing that Construct does (thought heavily modified), but that's about it. Apart from that, just about any game making tool (MMF, Game Maker, Stencyl?!?, etc...) is going to have similar looking features... layout window, object bar, properties bar, and event list of some kind, etc.

    I downloaded one of the videos and their event system seems to be unnecessarily complex. It looks kind of like Game Maker's event system, where you create blocks of code for each object, rather than a top-down script sort of format like Construct. Still, it's an interesting looking project.

  • I just tested it quickly, and the interface was pretty damn laggy. One way of putting me off straight away

  • [quote:zvwwasow]Stencyl?!?


    i hear it also has a backflipping option.

  • Sounds a little hinkey, sorry I always tend to look for ulterior motives when I see the word free.

    Good idea, I think. Give their "EULA" a close read ...


    "Of course you have all the copyrights in whatever you create, but by accepting this license agreement in order to use our software, you automatically grant us a license to do anything we can think of with your work, up to and including stage performance. You, on the other hand, can't even distribute your own content without our permission -- not that it's even possible short of reverse engineering our tools.

    But of course, if we make any money off your work, we might give you some of it. If we feel like it."

    Not kidding, just paraphrasing.

  • If that's really the spirit of their EULA, then Mo'Minis can eat my butt.

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