Use MODO for 2D animation?

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  • Is it possible to use MODO for 2D animation and then import into Construct?

    I use MODO Indie and Construct 2 personal.

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  • MODO is like any other 3D modeling/animation/etc soft, you can export images from it and import as a sprite frames in C2.

  • That sounds great. Now I only need to figure out how I can make 2D animations in MODO.

    I did some Google and YouTube searching, but I havent found any revelant info yet.

  • There are two basic methods to create 2d animations in any 3d application:

    • model regular 3d characters or objects, texture, and add rigging to animate. Then animate, make sure things loop (if required), and render each frame in a sequence of files. The final result can be more realistic looking, or by utilizing a non-photo realistic style, can look like a 2d drawn result.
    • draw your characters in an illustration package (such as InkScape, Illustrator, Flash), segment the characters into animate-able parts, and import each part as an image projected (uv mapped with a texture) on a flat 3d plane. Then rig the parts together for an animateable character (or object), and animate. Render each frame in a sequence of files.

    The first method is more time-consuming, because you will need to model, texture, and rig a full 3d character. But if you require lots of turn-arounds, and full flexibility, this may not be possible/feasible with the second workflow. There are thousands of tutorials that demonstrate the concepts of building 3d textured animate-able characters and objects out there. For Modo, no so many, unfortunately.

    The second method is very doable, and a lot of fun. Here are some examples:

    There is a nice thread on BlenderArtists, and you can even download a fully rigged 2d character for Blender that you can examine, and use as an example for Modo. ... _028.blend

    If you need more assistance with this, I recommend posting a question on the Modo forums: that community is very helpful.

    Also, if 2d flat characters are your goal, spend some time investigating Spriter: it will bring in fully animated characters with a rig right into Construct2. Rather similar to the second option I mentioned, but in this case the rig is retained in Construct, resulting in much smaller file sizes.

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