Mobile pervasive computing

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    Pervasive computing (also called ubiquitous computing) is the growing trend towards embedding microprocessors in everyday objects so they can communicate information. The words pervasive and ubiquitous mean "existing everywhere." Pervasive computing devices are completely connected and constantly available.

    Pervasive computing relies on the convergence of wireless technologies, advanced electronics and the Internet. The goal of researchers working in pervasive computing is to create smart products that communicate unobtrusively. The products are connected to the Internet and the data they generate is easily available.

    Privacy advocates are concerned about the "big brother is watching you" aspects of pervasive computing, but from a practical standpoint, most researchers feel it will improve efficiency. In a 1996 speech, Rick Belluzo, who was then executive VP and general manager of Hewlett-Packard, compared pervasive computing to electricity. He described it as being "the stage when we take computing for granted. We only notice its absence, rather than its presence."

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    I personnaly think that it can be good in a way, but should not be overdone, an connected device can have a bug, where a simple sheet of paper have less chances of suffering from something random.

    More like "It could be real nice to have, but should not be an obligation".

    Heck I remember the time in college

    -you have to do some internet research about that.

    -but I don t have internet

    -you can use the informatic room, so do not try to escape this homework

    -yeah I ll have like 10 hours badly placed together to do this research, while I should be at home with my family, reaaaal fair.

    Sounds a bit like a spam bot, but hard to tell. No rep, first post, new account and reads like a copy-paste of an article. Arunachalam are you a legit user? If so maybe put more of a personal spin on it, so my temptation to reach for our site's "nuke user" button is more suppressed...

    (Spam has historically been a huge problem for our forum and most of it is manually cleaned up)

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