Which Mobile OS Do You Want to Develop Games for?

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  • As Scirra supports many mobile platforms, which platform do you like to make games for? What's your experience with the platform? (game performance, revenue.. etc)

    Personally, I like Windows Phone 8. I'm developing a game for the platform, and may finish it this month. Hopefully. I haven't developed games for this platform in the past, however, the lack of quality games on the store makes me think it is better for indie developer. I have read many posts that said WP8 actually brings more money than Android.(example)example

    I'm also looking forward to the release of Ubuntu phone, Firefox OS, and Tizen this year. They are all new so indie developers will have better chance to shine. All of them support HTML5 games so I guess games made with Scirra should run fine on them :)

    So what's your opinion? What mobile platform to you want to publish your games to? :)

  • BlackBerry Tablet OS and BlackBerry 10. Mostly because of preference and the awesome development support.

  • I'm eagerly awaiting my Firefox OS phone. My game currently runs great in the simulator (took about 10 minutes to get working). Blackberry 10 looks awesome too.

    I love working with fringe mobile OS's as the chance of being a success on them is much higher and it allows you to take on lots of user feedback before moving onto something like iOS and Android.

  • wrekr: Have you published any games to BB world before? Do you think it is a good platform for indie devs?

    thehen: What device did you order? I'm planning to publish my game to the Firefox OS too, but I'm not sure which revenue model should be applied. I'm leaning toward Free/Ad-supported since Firefox OS targets emerging markets. Your thoughts?

  • tipztv I ordered the Keon as it's the lowest end device.

    One of the strengths of Firefox OS is their web payment system navigator.mozPay().

    dvertising has been the primary business model on the web for a long time but users have made it clear that they don?t want to see ads. Mozilla isn?t trying to directly disrupt the ad business but it is trying to fix serious privacy issues relating to ad networks.

    What if users explicitly paid for content instead? navigator.mozPay() enables this kind of direct payment model: if something is good on the web, you can pay for it. It already seems to be working well for existing mobile apps. Will mobile ads even generate the same revenue for content producers as they do on desktop? I don?t have answers to these questions but one thing is for certain: the web should support businesses of all kinds and payments should be a first class feature of the web.- Source

    I've heard several people say that this web payment system is one of the biggest defining factors of Firefox OS. Nobody knows what will convert more at this stage, but my inclination is that advertising may not be the way to go.

  • thehen: We will see how things turn out when the OS is released. Hopefully it brings more money to us.

    Will the Keon get updated to the release version of the OS? or it is just for previewing purpose only?

    What game did you test on the emulator? How many frames can the game run at? I haven't tried mine yet.

  • tipztv haven't published to it yet but using the Playbook for testing. Hope to soon.

    Firefox OS sounds awesome.

  • tipztv I have no idea whether it can be updated to release OS - I would assume so. I was getting a solid 60fps for Mortar Melon in the emulator, but I highly doubt that's anyway reflective of the hardware. We'll have to wait and see :)

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  • wrekr: how does your game perform on the device? Does it run smoothly?

    thehen: I can't order one since it is out of stock. May get one when the consumer device is out. Is it supposed to be available in June? Do let me know how your game perform on the device when you have a chance :)

  • tipztv The game ran fairly smoothly although it was admittedly very simple. The examples provided with C2 run fairly well so I'm optimistic. Tablet OS2 is fairly powerful, keen to see it run on a BB10 device but the Playbook is an excellent indicator that the games will translate well on the Z10 etc.

    thehen any plans to port mortar melon to BB?

  • wrekr yes ;)

  • cool will keep an eye out.

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