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  • Hello everyone its been awhile since using construct 2 last time i remember it was hard exporting to mobile and performance i heard was bad. Has mobile exporting gotten any better now and what are you guys using for android is it phonegap ?

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  • Using phonegap still encounters lag , cocoonjs works well though with 60+ f/s

  • Jijin

    Since I'm still a novice with the exporting... would you suggest avoiding phonegap (since there is a lag) and just go straight to cocoonjs?

  • let's see if I did my homework.. humhum:

    All that I say here is based on the date I post it, and can change in the future, and may be unprecise due to the fact and do not use wrappers.

    Currently, you have like 3 solutions for wrapper based publishing:

    -Custom engines (canvas+, Ejecta): they focus on performances and/or functionnalities, but they have compatibility issues, while they try to correct that, it is still somehing you should keep an eye on, also, I think on iOS they cannot use their full potential (precisions needed as I was not interested in that), there is an overhead in size due to the fact they ship the custom engine with it.

    -Browser based engines (crosswalk, node-webkit): they are based on an existing browser engine (chromium for crosswalk and node webkit), and so should be compatible with C2 without too much issues [I know about the current node webkit issues, and that is a bug that is not C2 specific and should be corrected anyway], depending on the browser engine they are based of, they can be stable and should provide a good experience as long as your game is done well, not as fast as custom engines, but not needing to be as fast in most cases. They have quite a big overhead in size due to the fact they include the whole brlwser engine with it, due to iOS policies, no browser engine can compete with safari.

    -Webview based engines (phonegap, cordova, webview+, ludei's webview, and we could also say IE when used by an app on windows displaying a web page, as they use IE which is equivalent to a webview): the least overhead in size (no engine shipped with it), when based on cordova they can gather a lot of functionnalities, however, they are using the webview (which is the browser engine used by apps to display web content), this webview works best for Android 5+ and iOS 8+, before that, it is not worth it as they lack crucial features and will just, well, run worse compared to any browser I can think of.

    I think that sums up it quite nicely.

    cocoonJS (canvas+, webvuew and webview+) is maintained by ludei

    Node-webkit, crosswalk are maintained by intel open source technologies center

    Cordova is maintained by Apache, phonegap is the proprietary version that belongs to adobe

    webviews are maintained by the same groups as their respective OSes I think

    tool wise, all I know is that there are multiple ways to wrap your apps, for nodewebkit, either building it by hand or just using the C2 export option should do, for crosswalk, exporting to Cordova (r192+) will be the first step, then you will have to build it either by hand, or using the intel XDK.Others I do not know how.

    hope that helps

    PS:Test early, test often, learn to use the tools at your disposal so you do not waste time in events logic programming and false optimisation.

  • Idk That seems too be c2 biggest drawback is that there is no native exports or atleast no native mobile export

  • I saw a video on youtube about : Bioshock on iphone.

    How they make a huge game run smoothly on the iphone?

  • Idk That seems too be c2 biggest drawback is that there is no native exports or atleast no native mobile export

    not really a drawback as it was not what the product was meant to do anyway, it has always been made to become the best html5 engine, not a native one.

    I saw a video on youtube about : Bioshock on iphone.

    How they make a huge game run smoothly on the iphone?

    Careful memory use and design combined with more control (which permits to have a huge game be like lots of tiny parts of it only for each environnement or level or whatever) and a faster code execution I guess, and AFAIK it cannot run on iphone 4s (not sure about 5).

  • Honestly, the few games I've tried on my new phone haven't run much different w/ cocoonJS vs crosswalk. CocoonJS might be 10-20% faster at most, but a couple examples have run faster in crosswalk. That being said, the APK size does matter...right now, that's the biggest drawback with crosswalk, and one that is unlikely to change any time soon.

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