This is my mobile...and i try to develop with it!

  • Hi to all

    this is my mobile Android, "GALAXY TREND LITE"

    i try to develop my platform game on it, but i get a lot of lags..

    WHAT do you think technically?

    It is a real garbage?

    what do you think about this model (2013)

  • Hello, I wouldn't use that device to make a mobile game. That phone probably isn't capable with many of the features construct 2 has to offer nor will it run at a good frame rate. I would expect it to run the basics but nothing more then that.

    When I started to develop my first Google Play Store game. I used my old Samsung Galaxy S2 which in comparison to your device it's quite superior. I would suggest using a low end phone to test on to get a stable frame rate and build on there. You don't really want to limit your audience because of there device.

    If you aren't publishing to the Google Play Store then I would still suggest a better android device.

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  • well yeah but i have to make money if i want to buy a new one...

  • well i dont want to offend no one but the phone is a 4.1.2 android version .. (which is around 5 years or more behind with the requirements of today) ul have issues as performance... id suggest trying to upgrade to a 4.4 + atleast. Hereis a random phone that is pretty good... i got one also and its working flawlessly on pretty much any game ... if u going into game development you will want low spec phones and above medium ones... u cant develop games working only on the low spec... one issue wold be ur game wont run as smooth on others ... since u will optimize them for the 4.1.X ... which lacks multiple performance supports...

    in Two/Three words for the question you asked about the phone u presented ....OUT-DATED GARBAGE

    you can find better deals for the Xperia this days thats just some random find on amazon... where prices going crazy amounts for no reason... thats the retail store price actually when it appeared 2 years ago i think... u can find them used for 100 bucks now

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