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    Don't explore the vast frontier alone! While Minecraft is largely a solo experience, both Survival and Creative multiplayer takes block-building to a whole new level. Players can either host games from their home computers or buy servers running Minecraft software to begin their open-world adventure.


    Do you host/use a Minecraft server? Share it! Post the IP address along with some info about your server:

    • Server Name - What is the name of your server?
    • Language - What language(s) is/are spoken on your server?
    • Type - Survival? Creative? Role-playing?
    • A Description - Describe your server in your own words.
    • Website - Does your server have an official website or Facebook page? Link 'em!
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    • IP:
    • Name: Wildefall
    • Language: English
    • Type: Freebuild/Roleplay
    • Description: Wildefall is mostly "native" Minecraft, with very few changes aside from some world protection (WorldGuard, LWC) and some minor gameplay alterations (SheepFeed, Mailbox). Wildefall also has support for quests and NPCs using the Citizens plugin. All in all, Wildefall is a freebuild/roleplay hybrid. Played solo, Wildefall is almost entirely similar to Minecraft single-player. Played with others, you've got a low-stress co-op freebuild structure. Try it!
    • Links: Web - Facebook
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