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  • I tried Construct 2 two years ago and couldn't quite figure it out.

    I am back again and though I am farther than I was before, I still have many problems that no one else seems to have.

    I have notebooks and the manual which I wish had an index or table of contents. I look for the tutorials and it always happens that I use the wrong keyword and don't find anything and then some suggests the right word and there are ten tutorials on whatever it is.

    I know this is a good program and it is not too difficult for the average person.

    You would think that after 40 years in Electronics and being an Instructor for several of those years, I could figure this out. Of course I am not as sharp as I used to be when I was working actively.

    I am still plowing through and restarting things when something gets really messed up and I seem to be a bit further this evening than I was yesterday, though I don't seem to have written down the right notes as I cannot find much of what I did today. Most of today was following notes I wrote the day before.

    Hanging in by a thread,


  • People learn at different rates. It shouldn't matter how long it takes you, or how many questions you ask along the way, as long as you enjoy what you are doing.

    I have projects that have been 'ongoing' for years that I 'revisit' every now and again with renewed enthusiasm. I get a little further on, then maybe get distracted with something more interesting

    The point is, getting frustrated is always going to happen. IF that happens, take a break - start a new mini project perhaps, or do what I do - try a few mini prototyping examples.

    There are a lot of users on here more than happy to help out. Just keep doing what you're doing, at your own pace, and try not to get too frustrated. It's - generally - worth the effort

  • Thanks. I intend to keep on for now. I also have some really simple game engines but they are not even close to this. They are a good distraction for awhile though.

    Thanks again.

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  • Thanks. I intend to keep on for now. I also have some really simple game engines but they are not even close to this. They are a good distraction for awhile though.

    Thanks again.

    Out of interest - what are your immediate goals? Do you have something in mind that you want to try to create?

    BTW, don't fixate on your age - I was a Cobol programmer in the 80's !

  • My immediate goal is to stay alive. I am 75 and retired in the Philippines. I have fought off cancer twice so far.

    My next goal is to possible make a multilevel Platform game. I am going through one now just to find out how moving platforms ( got that one), change layouts ( sort of got that one.), what I need when I go to a new layout and what I don't, things like that.

    If I ever get through that list I may make a good game and publish it for free just to see how it goes.

    I also have moving enemies and those kinds of things.

    I sort of have a good idea about how to do some of those things. I remembered the bullet action to get an enemy to go straight from one of the tutorials.

    I had wanted to get the enemies to go straight and drop in a hole and then re spawn. I sort of have an idea how to do that. I already know one way not to do it. I may have to get that one to hit the wall and die so he can re spawn.

    Just crazy things I need to figure out.

    As you can probably tell, without my notes, I am lost for the most part.

    Thanks for the help. I really need it sometimes and at others I go through the look everywhere and then after I ask for help, I find the solution. That bugs me.

    Thanks again.


  • "... after I ask for help, I find the solution" - I think that happens to many people quite a lot. I wonder if the act of wording the question so one can write it down concentrates the mind enough to find its own solution ?

    Concerning your enemies dropping into a hole…

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