Malware program created with Construct

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    Lol i created a malware program of some sorts with construct.If i execute the exe file then the computer will keep on rebooting itself until i go into safe mode.Hmm interesting,It's actually quite hillarious.Now i need something to make it look like its actually running some files by itself.And then you have to figure out how to stop the program from taking over your whole pc ,Not for real off course.

    This could turn out to be a very interesting game indeed.The aim of the game will be to take over some of your dummy files and you have to stop it.But instead of using ingame commands you will actually be using other ways to stop the program.Oh and alt ctrl del won't help either.This will be a nasty game lol.

    Wow, can see lots of people wanting to play that... not.

    Hey little monster ,Play nice or i will hide your cookies lol.

    Hey little monster ,Play nice or i will hide your cookies lol.

    Touch my cookies and I call rape!

    Lol ok i won't touch your cookies.Im bored and making up real sh*tty ideas.

    DravenX, im not claiming to speak for everyone here, but could u please stop trolling around the forums spamming threads with nonconstructive criticisms and posting random download links for zips on other peoples creation threads to i dunno what. You've already had a less than welcome reaction to your posting and various trolling on your previous account as vdrake, and you left us with a thread where i recall you and XZALION or wtv his account was spewing insults in African. I'd advise you to stop and start conducting yourself better, acting more mature etc and please don't derail anymore threads.

    what threads did i derail???

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    Although it's possible to create malware programs in Construct, I would strongly advise against it. Anyone can do it, yes, but if it becomes an issue it could damage the reputation of Construct. You certainly shouldn't come to the forum announcing that you've done it, especially if you're heading towards doing anything illegal. So please keep this type of post off the forum. Topic locked.

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