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  • hi guys, few months back i was assign a project to make a game using construct 2. i was in the third semester in a university located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    i started making games using construct 2 since the first semester and i love it! I really do!

    so my problem is that i run out of events (100 events for free) because of my heavy animations and stuffs. i was planning to buy the construct 2 personal edition.

    here in Indonesia, it cost about Rp 1,579,900 which is too expensive for me.

    so my question is guys, will construct 2 be on sale soon? i have heard people buying construct 2 and the next day it is on sale.


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  • Follow Scirra on Twitter/Facebook/Google + if they go on sale they announce it there.

    As far as announced, no sales are planned at the moment.

    Be sure to check the bundles in the store as well, in case you would a bundle worth of throwing extra bucks in.

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