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  • We are producing an app that was supposed to be free with advertising, but the development it's taking a lot more work and money that we calculated for it. So we were thinking about to change to a freemium game.

    But we don't know nothing about how it works the in-game payment and recievieng. Someone here has already published a fremium game?

    We want to know if google makes this trasation, pay money and receive coin for you, or you need a server? and a pluggin working on construct or any development tool?

    And the app store?

  • You need to do some research on the IAP options. You create in app purchases (IAP) in order to create freemium games. The game itself is free, then you can have three kinds of in app purchases:

    Managed: A one time purchase - for example to disable ads in the game, or buy a map pack or add-on

    non-Managed (Consumable): These are purchases that can happen over and over and are for items like potions, lives, etc... that the players will want to buy on a regular basis.

    Re-occurring (Monthly): These are automatically taken out each month and are usually used for subscription based games.

    The way they all work is you define a name and a price in the various app stores such as Google, iTunes, etc... Then in your game you track what happens when those items are purchased. The easiest way is to use global variable with the save system or web storage to track what items have been purchased or not. For example if I have a free app with ads, and I have an in app purchase item called RemoveAds then you put in the code (in my case I use CocoonJS) to Purchase the RemoveAds item when the user hits the button. I then set a variable called AdsRemoved to 1 and save it so that the next time the game starts I don't have to check with store (marketplace) to see if they purchased it as this can take awhile sometimes. In my code I also have a condition that checks to see if AdsRemoved = 1 and if so do not show the ads. You could also do it with consumables, each time the users purchases HealthPotion, I add 10 to their NumHealthPotions variable and save it.

    You are completely in control of what your in app purchases are. You just need to make sure you give the user exactly what they purchased and be very clear on your descriptions.

    The app stores that I use (Google, Apple, Nook, Kindle, etc...) all connect directly to my businesses bank and deposit the money there. The thing you need to know is that they usually have minimums. Basically you have to make over $100-200 depending on the marketplace before they will pay you for that month.

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  • supports in-app purchases, and is integrated with Construct.

    I second this. It's a really nice system and is quite robust. It took a bit to get a handle on it, but I'd recommend to anyone.

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