What Makes A Game Good?

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  • Hello everyone, I'm going to make a game using construct 2 and I would like input on what you think makes a good game. I'm doing a little research before I start making a game so i would like anyones opinion. You can list what ever you want, art styles, narration, enemies, background etc.

    Also if you have any advice/tips for me that would be great!

  • What makes a game good?

    User testing is what makes games good. It's why every Valve game is incredible.

    If you're trying to create a game without user testing, then you're doing it wrong.

  • What i would say makes a game good..

    Creativity, atmosphere, environment and music. dont make a copy of something else we already have, go into your mind and try to look into other perspectives and see. but as brockatkinson says "Testing" is also important, dont look at skyrim as a good example... got damn that game is full of bugs like every game they make.

  • User testing is what makes games good

    This ^

    dont make a copy of something else we already have

    And this ^

    Make something you would want to play, otherwise we will be able to tell that you didn't like making it.

    Make something that is within your ability to make. Simple first, complex later.

    And make something that provides some connection or relevance for the audience. Your game shouldn't exist in a contextual vacuum. It should provide some kind of reference to which your audience can relate. That doesn't mean you need a full back story for a brick breakout game, but little things, like using recognizable textures in your sprites (make them look like real bricks!), reality-based physics, and other small touches can really help to captivate your audience.

  • It has to hold your interest, this is an important one! Even if you have a 30 second uninteresting part of the game you could lose people.

  • Lot's of weapons and gore.

  • Lot's of weapons and gore.

    I thought that was assumed! <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • A solid foundation is probably the most important, if they core game play and engine is lacking, than no mater how much content or shiny graphics you add, the game just wont be good.

    organisation and planing are the best way to make that happen.

    Also Fun to kill/ destroy enimes is key, it doesn't necessarily have to be gory, but it needs to feel rewarding. as ultimately this is what people are going to be doing the majority of the time.

  • Some things off the top of my head: Good graphics, good audio, enjoyable moveset/mechanics, challenges that utilise all the moves available to the player, good "flow" in level design (challenges that continually build up in tension), no "cheap" difficulty (as in there should be some sense of warning or build-up to each thing so that the player has time to react).

  • Make a game different of other games that makes player want to play more when he finish a lvl .

  • Creativity, atmosphere, environment and music

    Agree, i think these are the most important things.

    The most memorable games to me were always the most immersive ones.

    for the road, i'm adding : Charismatic characters, with real personnality and background

  • Goood games that fit this:

    Halflife 1




    Dead rising (!!!)

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  • I've posted to these guys before, but they really do have some good videos which I think most game developers could find useful. The show is called Extra Credits, they are on their third season, it used to be hosted on the escapist, but they are now hosted by penny arcade. They also have an indie game fund.

    link to episodes: Extra Credits

    their indie fund: EC indie fund

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