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  • Event page here:

    Made in Brighton: Games Gone Global brings together Brighton's game development community to learn from, and be inspired by, our own home-grown talent.

    This one-day conference for professional or amateur game developers hosts talks covering game design, production, business and more.

    Held in the beautiful Brighton Ballroom, Made in Brighton: Games Gone Global aims to candidly explore the lessons learned from developing games for the international market and beyond, built right here in our city.

    Four of Brighton's most successful game developers share their insights and experience of game development at Made in Brighton: Games Gone Global.

    Jason Avent, Director of Boss Alien

    From Zero to Success: Jason reveals what you need to know about running a games studio. Drawing on lessons from Boss Alien's smash-hit CSR Racing, Jason shares his year-long journey from "zero to a happy studio" with worldwide commercial success.

    Nick Baynes, Studio Head of BigBit

    Balancing creative endeavour with commercial reality can be a challenge when all you want to do is make great games. Work for hire and other business models can help cultivate the best environment to create and own original IP in the long term - but what options are available and which is best for you?

    James Marsden, Owner of FuturLab

    Developing a great game just isn't enough; you also have to convince the world that your game is worth supporting - from publishers tp press and, crucially, gamers. So, how do you do it?

    To be announced: Special guest speaker

    Our final guest speaker will be announced shortly.

    More info and tickets:[/i]

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