Is my Mac mighty enough... (virtual-box)

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  • Hey friends,

    I have a macbook pro, with

    2,5 Ghz i5

    4GB 1600 Mhz DD3.

    Does anyone of you use C2 in virtual box or parallels? I really think about trying to use construct while traveling that way. Will it be mighty enough to handle everything?

    Will it run without bugs on that virtual machine?

    Which windows version would you recommend?

    Does anyone know a tutorial for that, or do I just install it?

    Thanks in advance :)


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  • I run C2 in a linux virtualbox running XP (only license I own). Works great, no bugs. It is noticeably slower though on preview. I get 25-30 fps on chrome inside the box vs. 60fps on chrome on the host.

    I installed dropbox to get capx/static site out, and art into the box.

    I configured virtual box's port forwarding such that I can do LAN preview all the way into the virtual box! From my phone (port forwarded itself from the WiFi router...) or from the linux host!

    That more or less means the substandard chrome performance is a non issue for preview. I don't find the core C2 application is that demanding so the performance is not too much of an issue for development.

  • So, to get that right...

    first of all, great to hear that it works pretty well :)

    you store all files in the dropbox to keep it simultan on both machines, what�s what i actually do so i�m cool with it. :)

    I don�t understand what you mean with the port-changing. Do you switch it so that you can preview on the "mightier" system?

    Sorry i�m not a native

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