It looks like game salad is heading south

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  • I have released a ton of games with game salad. But it seems like the whole engine is heading south. I guess it got too big to quickly. On top of all of this they got a 6 million dollar investment. You can read about their latest patch in the forums.

    It's too bad it was a real good engine.

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  • Well, I think if you raise this on the Scirra forums, we're a competitor so I think you can predict the response... we think Construct 2 is better :)

  • I agree 100%. Better in every way possible.

  • Indeed. I used Game Salad before, but it must be the most frustrating interface ever. Now that Construct 2 looks like it will soon be able to make proper iPhone games... well, good bye Game Salad.

  • I looked at the link and it seems the update is giving people errors, that does not mean the program is failing/ending like your title suggests though.

    I have never used this program before as it's based around iOS but the thing i noticed was that it is based around XCode and native apps. So they probably need to test the releases they make more but i don't see why this means it's ending or anything as that would probably get fixed.

    The version of GameSalad you are linking to is also doing a different thing to what Construct2 does as C2 converts to iPad etc from HTML5 using PhoneGap rather than making native apps directly.

  • One day it might be able to...? <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    One thing I hated about Game Salad is that it seemed extremely difficult to get objects to "interact" with other objects. Other then that, it was alright. Except. I. Hate. XCode. Not because I've acually used it, because I haven't, but because the download size was so freaking big.

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