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  • Hey all,

    Sorry if this sounds like an odd request, but in preparation for Launching my LLC and Helping my wife finish her graduation paper on App/Game Development we are looking for someone to do a brief interview with us (Written or via Skype). Particularly to make it relevant to our goals it should preferably be someone with an business (LLC, Corp, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, etc...) (Based in the United States) who has published games to the app store(s) (iTunes, Google Play Windows, Windows Phone, etc...)and is doing so successfully.

    The main focus is starting a game/app development company and the challenges in doing so. Topics like what was your motivation for starting your company, what are some of the common gotchas or things to be aware of when starting out, what were some of the challenges you faced, etc...

    She is in the final week or so of completing her paper for graduation and we need at least one more source to get enough information to finish up. We are also looking to start our own Game Development business (LLC) in the next month and it will also be a great way for us to get some advice from those of you who have already been through the process and came out the other side.

    I know many of you are super busy, any help you can provide would be appreciated.

    Thanks much,

    James Waymire

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  • Not me, but True Valhalla is absolutely some one who you want to try and talk to.


    he comes to Scirra and Game Maker forums, but I suggest contacting him through his blog :)

  • jayderyu yeah, I thought of that, but unfortunately he is based in Australia. While I may yet interview him, for the paper we are focusing on companies in the US as they have the same rules, process for starting a business. Thanks for the recommendation though!

  • To fit your specifications, I'd either talk to thehen (Mortar Melon)

    or NotionGames (Super Ubi Land). I'm not sure if thehen is US based but I know Notion Games is.

  • thehen is from UK, maybe

  • I am from the UK I'm afraid :(

  • On a side note, I also write over at Electronic Gaming Monthly / Digital Noob. So for the rest of you who don't quite fit into this request, there is a good chance I would love to do some interviews for articles on the site as well. No restrictions on where you are based for those ones.

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